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PlanB Model 10 as a compositional tool
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Author PlanB Model 10 as a compositional tool

4 M10s, 1st one is set to a max length for cycling, 2nd less than that, 3rd les than the 2nd, etc. audio generated by Cwejman, control by PlanB, delay by ASys Echo.
You have 4 M10s? Fuck, you must be in serious debt with how fast your modular has grown..
Hard to understand what you got going on there... but it sounds cool as hell love
awesome, I love that patch.

I'd love to pickup a 3rd M10, I think that would be enough. I'm not sure wether or not I should just bit the bullet and get a MKII, just so that I have the retrigger as an option...but I don't know, I love the fact that the MKIs that I have do not retrigger.
excellent! love it.

yeah, I have a mk1 and mk2... i guess if I got 2 more I could get rid of the A-143-1.... but the 2 + the 4 is still perhaps cooler for some things. (out of space so that's just how I think now)
I have a 143-1 as well, I usually use it for modulations or a quick gesture generator. I love my M10's grin
The 143-1 is a great module, but the different outputs of the M10s make them my first choice, and the 143-1 makes it's way into patches after I use up the M10s. One really cool use for the 143-1 is using it to create triggers and gates with the M17. Some really cool rhythms, and w/o using a polarized mixer and 4 AR gens and 2 M17s, which you would have to to do the same thing as the 143-1.

Is there a mod to make a Mk2 not retrigger? I wouldn't mind at least one not retriggering.
VanEck wrote:
Hard to understand what you got going on there... but it sounds cool as hell love

I don't get what's going on sometimes in the patch too lol, but basically, there are 3 or 4 sections, each is one loop of the longest Model10. The ASys Echo has it's range switched for each section (more or less), and the PH-4 and Cwejman ADSR are the main rhythm genrators with the PH-4's rate animated by I think it was the Heisenberg, which also varies cycle length on the 2 not at long env gens. Very little noodling in the recording, I was trying to make something that evolves. Got me thinking about using the M10 and M17 to gate and generate compositions. grin
Added some annotations now...
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