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Guitar pedal like Logic's tape delay
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Author Guitar pedal like Logic's tape delay
phase ghost
I'm trying to find a guitar pedal (or something small) that functions like Logic's tape delay at a relatively inexpensive price. While I was at guitar center today I pissed around with the Boss digital delay, but I'm not sure it fit's the bill. I'd really like a wet dry mix on the effect. Also, I have a echobase delay I'm going to be building soon, but I'm not sure how it will stand up.

The main reason I'm searching is for live use. I'm sorted in the studio with as many instances of Logic's tape delay as I want. I've checked out the boss space echo repro, but at that price, I might as well buy another macbook for effects duties only.

I'm totally open to Arduino based solutions as well. I'm quite familiar with the system.
What part of Logic's Tape Delay do you want to replicate with hardware? Tape Delay can do many different sounds and styles of delay. If you want the modulation section you might want to check out the MXR Carbon Copy, Boss RE-20, and the Snazzy FX Wow and Flutter. If you just want a warmer delay buy a Fulltone TTE.
phase ghost
Requirements are:

- Adjust the delay time/tempo so I can sync it.

- Feed back adjustment

- and note selection (whole, half, quarter) or something similar. Logic calls it "groove"

- I would really like wet dry mix so I don't need to use an aux channel for that alone.

The RE-20 is a beast, but twice as much as I'd like to pay for a pedal since I'd like to buy a few of these. Mainly I want a pedal that can do dub ass delay's that go on forever with a wet / dry mix.
The Line 6 DL4 is probably your best bet.
2 things, though:

1. In Logic's Tape Delay "Groove" is different from the tempo division selection. Groove basically shifts the entire divided clock backwards or forwards based on the percent slider so you can get "sloppy", "lazy", or "rushed" repeats.

2. Using a delay on an aux send is totally different then a wet/dry mix on the pedal. Using an aux send will allow you to control when the audio passes through the pedal (necessary for dub delay). With the wet/dry mix, you are just controlling the blend, and all the audio is always passing through the delay. If you are using it as a dub delay, you need to use it 100% wet on an aux send.
The Strymon "El Capistan" is getting a lot of favorable press right now; have you checked it out?
another vote for Line 6
Strymon El Capistan for best Tape Sound.

Empress Vintage Superdelay for beat synced really beautiful analog sounding delay with a lot of great options and very easy to use. Also has a nice tape mode.
The Diamond Memory Lane pedal does an excellent tape delay simulation.
line 6 echo park. tap & choose division
It's been 7 years...they probably figured it out seriously, i just don't get it
colossus wrote:
It's been 7 years...they probably figured it out seriously, i just don't get it

Sorry for the delayed response.
Now my response makes me look like an insane person. Guess the dude who was post spamming got banned...
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