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my first ebay purchase
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Author my first ebay purchase
Chuck E. Jesus
i won an Emu 1820 interface setup for $105...i already have the pci card that came with the Emu X package, (the sampler and audio card setup) so i just have to plug the Audio Dock in and i'm ready to go...i was using the Yamaha AW4416 w/ a Waves card/lightpipe interface to do stuf, and tbh it was a pain in the ass...the Yammy is a great machine, and i want to possibly keep it to do mobile stufff (i was going to do shit at my camper, but family issues have prevented me from getting out there very often), but intentions and actions are often quite different...anyway, since i started putting more mod into my Doepfer setup and i got the Mackie 1202 VLZ2 mixer, i just wanted something small i could rack up and get signals in and out with...i was looking for something that would use with the Emu cards lightpie i/o, but the Emu Audio Dock is the ticket, it's the way that setup is really designed for...i already have a patchbay, cool analog rack gear, analog mixer, so i think this will work out well 8)
Muff Wiggler
very nice! for $105 you can't go wrong 8)
Its fun isnt it wink Now EBAY some more
Chuck E. Jesus
zerosum wrote:
Its fun isnt it wink Now EBAY some more

maybe selling on ebay lol i need to get rid of stuff!
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