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Cursed ?
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Author Cursed ?
So i've owned a euro rack modular for 18 month and so far i've had

-the left side of my Cwejman ADSR die out on me and replaced by AH after 6month

-a "mechanical" deffect with one of the switches on my a188-1 BBD module

-a faulty solder on my a138 doepfer mixer (which i fixed myself)

-recently a bug on the left selector switch of my VCO-2RM module, which was subsequently lost in the post when i sent it for repair to Wowa

-and a few minutes ago, the top part of my dual S&H (which i got for christmas) has ceased to respond after having been used for a total of less then an hour in its entire life

i consider myself i rather meticulous and careful person, i don't shove my modular around, it has never fallen to the ground, i don't throw hammers at it. it just sits on my desk where i now use it more and more reluctantly due to the fact that it consumes so much of my money and time, but truly not in the way that i would enjoy it to.

what am i doing wrong ?
Sending unattenuated Metasonix oscillators into 'em?

Having too much fun with your "wall socket to 1/8th inch adapters"?

I dunno man... seriously, i just don't get it
Wow, that's really rough, sorry to hear that.

I honestly think it might just be a streak of bad luck, since everything you described does not sound like something that could easily have been broken by your own doing.

I have had half of one of my Dopefer Dual VCAs stop working (or maybe it never worked) and have had to bend several Cliff Jack contacts on PlanB/Doepfer modules so that they still make a good connection.

I had a Z3k that started to drift a lot, which Gur promptly replaced after we did some troubleshooting.

I think that's it...oh, I had faulty/noisy M13, which also was promptly replaced after a bit of troubleshooting.

All that was over the course of a year and half I guess, so maybe it's not that uncommon? I don't know, it definitely didn't seem that bad, not bad enough for me to immediately remember all those things (I had to have a sit and think for a while when writing this).
I am starting to wonder if the power supplies are not designed in a way that prevents some of these problems. I recently had a couple Harvestman modules start giving me some trouble. But nothing has changed in the way they are treated.

Does anyone know if the power supplies most people use ramp up to the operating voltage? Or is it just a once you turn it on, the voltage jumps to operating level? To me, a jump might cause issues with some circuits, because they are being punched with voltage. I know some mic pre-amps ramp up to phantom power, instead of just jumping immediately when activated.

Anyone? Thoughts? huh?
well with regards to the dual s&h, could it because i was sending a malgorithm to the sample input ? surely that would be safe ?

the thing that bites the most is still the fact that i lost a 600$ VCO in the post...
GCF, it appears that, in most cases; the current consumption and voltages are so low that I don't think that it would be an issue for the majority - if not all- of the components in the rack. The Harvestman, or other digital stuff, may well be different. I'm ONLY stating that because I've not looked into them from a technical standpoint.
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