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DIY learning resources
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Author DIY learning resources
lvn wrote:
Is understanding calculus vital to building your own circuits?

up to some point...

it's definitely very useful and for some things even necessary, but a lot can be done if you're just able to apply ohm's law, kirchoff's law and some trial and error prototyping.
Dunno if this counts as a learning resource, but it looks pretty handy for beginners (even if they're not producing their own SMT boards). Via Upverter:

There are definitely some great useful resources listed here already. As others have mentioned, googling is not as rewarding as usual, it really takes those with insights to find (and share) the location of those needles in the haystack ... anyway, i'm still curious to establish if there's a front-runner or indeed a real-world benefit to using any of the free circuit simulators available - i'm thinking beyond examples where you could derive the answer from first principles and looking for something where you may be able to predict (and scope) the output of e.g a circuit using a 555 timer chip ?
any thoughts on this are welcome
ps: cutting to the chase scene, any links (or thoughts) to a proven simple chip-less circuit that i could 'passively' embed in a cable to convert a gate-on to a trigger/pulse (along the lines of those that convert v-trig to s-trig) ?
I am searching for some information regardin the synthesis domain, such as how voltage / digital are best to be handled and I am also on the search for some materials of the electronic side, as they are shown here but slightly more pointed to technical / functioning issues despite of how they have to be implemented throught the parts, etc.
This is all very good stuff by handsfelloff. I've been around electronics a very long time-every day is a schoolday
My favorite web page for filter design:

TI just released a nice little pocket reference for analog engineers:
smilinggoat does free courses on arts and technology crossovers with lecturers from CalArts and other universities. If you want grades and feedback, it's $7/month for unlimited classes. Great stuff.
Craque, you just reminded me that i have gots to read some mim! How can i think i understand any of this when i still haven't?

Does anyone know where i can learn how to buy cable from amazon.

I need to connect pots and jacks to my circuit boards.. so far I've only found cable that is far too thick to work with and stuff that is so thin as to seem like i probably shouldn't use it for audio signals.
I've spent ages searching local stores and amazon and had no idea finding cable would be so difficult. There's far too much of it and i know have even less of an idea what i'm looking for than when I started.
Hello all, brand newbie here. Has any one tried the electronics course from

Just wanted to thank everyone that contributed here.
There's was a hell of a lot of reading to be done both before and after my first kit build, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have even finished without this thread.
Musicology of Dreams
This is one Electronic Book Master Piece in pdf format :
from simple to complex circuits,
lots chapters about Diy techniques, filters , vco's and audio amplifiers.
Highly recommended of%20Electronics%20-%20Horowitz%20&%20Hill.pdf

and comprehensive guide by Craig Anderton" Electronic project for Musicians " pdf

Download take time so patience it's fat book's This is fun!
This video series helped me understand a few things:
Rob Kam
Synth DIY wiki info for DIY modular synths and other electronic musical instruments and related equipment.
Rob Kam wrote:
Synth DIY wiki info for DIY modular synths and other electronic musical instruments and related equipment.

Thanks SlayerBadger! !
Great thread I've learned so much. Watched the whole class and now I'm off to the races.
Bumping this for later research.
one more approach to learning here, especially suited for me because the info is somewhat compactly presented, and there are simple, also for me in real life quickly doable schematics for alot of things, for example a simple unity gain audio mixer in the op amps section.
a good way to get going before looking into more optimised designs.

i mean, i tried to delve into a couple of textbooks, but that somehow always ends before i get through the initial 10 pages of filosofy from the author... Dead Banana
Haven't seen's site mentioned here:

Maker.IE Resources - particulalry this is good for simple stuff.
Maker.IE blog
Oh shit, just noticed Doepfers amazing DIY page as well. Really great info on there:

Doepfer DIY
Vactrol Basics

HipDestroyer, thanks for the links they are super practical!
Brilliant thread razz
Stuff to add to the list.

The sequence15 blog is an amazing source I stumbled upon randomly. It has some great stuff for us newbies:

* Electricity for Synth-DIY'ers: Transistors
* Electricity for Synth-DIY'ers: Operational Amplifiers
* Diodes
* Electricity for Synth-DIY'ers: Inductors and Coils
* Electricity for Synth-DIYers: Capacitors
* Electricity for Synth-DIYers: Resistors
* Electricity for Synth-DIYers: Volts and Amps

About capacitors:
* Coupling Caps
* Capacitors
* Bypass capacitors: no black magic here
The companion to the Art of Electronics 3rd edition, “Learning the Art of Electronics — A Hands-on Approach", is out shortly:
would strongly recommend satellite ccrma to those with more of a DSP programming background. great resource for prototyping embedded instruments !
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