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Using a CD player with your modular
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Author Using a CD player with your modular
Hello and pardon the perhaps dumb question. Does one need to send audio from a cd player into a preamp before one can send the signal into filters and the like, or is the signal strong enough, as is, to work with the modules? I need to get some cables (rca to ?) depending on the advice. I have a Blacet I/O - so do I just need a stereo rca Y-cable to 1/4" stereo plug to patch into the I/O or can I just get by with rca to 1/8" (therefore bypassing the preamp and going straight to the signal processors)?

Thanks in advance for the help,
Some of your cabling questions will depend upon your modular format and the CD Player. I often use an iPod and just use a regular-old-boring 1/8th inch cable. The output is pretty quiet so I'll often jack up the level with Channel 'D' of the Blacet Quad VCA Mix and then everything is right in the world.

More than likely, your scenario will be the same. Just give it a try.
Thanks Kent. How obvious as I have an Ipod. Appreciate your reply mucho.
The 1/8" and the 1/4" on the Blacet I/O are the same input.
They both go through the preamp, it just gives you the adapter for convenience.

I use the 1/8" because the 1/4" only accepts a signal from my particular cables when they are halfway plugged in.
I probably just need to recheck my soldering on that jack, but it feels like a mechanical mismatch where it grabs the tip. hmmm.....

Like Kent says the 'D' channel of the VCA Quad Mix has a good amount of gain boost.
I think it is the same way (except bipolar) with the 'D' channel on the Mixer Processor.
The STG Wavefolder also has a refreshing amount of gain
and it is good fun dynamically gating it as a timbral VCA with the envelope follower from the I/O.

When using a stereo cable with left and right going to 'tip' and 'ring' I think you are going to lose the 'ring' channel as this is a mono device.
When I want to process stereo I usually just pick another gain boost unit.
Left to the I/O, and Right to the STG Wavefolder for example.
I know this makes the 2 channels sound very different, but I don't have any twins in my system so far.
Besides, 'variety is the spice...'
i'd like another I/O at some point. the kit is pretty cheap.

i've never had any problems with mine by the way.
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