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Honda Expander ?
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Author Honda Expander ?
I'm just about to have delivered the PH.
And now i just read about the
Should i think of the expander as essential ?
Is it easy to install ?
What does it add...
How do u write your own chips ? Are they mac compatible ?
I have a feeling i am way too inexperienced and solderless to look after my own.
Are Harvestmen sending out or selling additional roms ?
(Apologies for dumb questions, i'm new to this...)
100th Monkey
I consider it essential in the long term, but you don't need it right away. It adds 6 new ROM slots to the PH, with two of them already filled when you get it.

It's a breeze to install. There's a video showing you how to do it here:
Very easy to install. If found the PH far more appealing once I expanded it. The expansion ROMs that AH sells are full of lots of additional timbres that are very nice to have.

"Essential?" I'd say not unless you find yourself thinking that the PH could give you a bit more.
I purchased the Piston Honda w/ Expander because I have a big library of samples that I wanted to use in my modular compositions.

I have 5 Roms worth of samples that I'm getting ready to test and shoot some demo videos. So for me the expander was essential. I've always enjoyed collecting and manipulating waveforms and samples. I plan on making them available once I've tested them.

They should be available at you're favorite modular synth sites or direct from me soon.
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