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Paia denormalization
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Author Paia denormalization
As anybody done it to the 9700.

Simple? I was wondering if some of the work
needed to be done on the boards. Mine was
bought second hand and didn't come with
the schematics. Ultimately those would
A lot is probably done with switched jacks, but yes, schematics would be a major help - maybe try contacting Paia?
By demormalization I'm assuming you don't want any internal connection when there is no plug present in the jack.

If the Jacks are connected with flying leads, just disconnect the one that attaches to the switch component of the jack.

If the jacks are board mounted then that's a different issue, you need to either cut the trace to the switching part of the jack or replace the jack with a non-switching type.

just disconnect the one that attaches to the switch component of the jack.

Yes, that's what I assumed. Thanks.
Time to denormalize.

I have to say, I'm very impressed by the potential of
this small system. It's a great way to get into Frac...
I see myself with some Blacet in the not to distant future.
There's some great stuff available in Frac. No where near the range of the Euro format bat having said that, there is some stuff that's not available in Euro too. The Binary Zone is an excellent addition to any system as anyone who owns one will attest.

Enjoy your denormalization!

It seems that most Paia manuals are now online in a part of their forum::

Not sure if the more recent 9700 modules are there, but I found the 9720 VCO etc.
Perfect! I couldn't find anything useful
on the Paia website. That's what I was
looking for.

The Binary Zone and MiniWave are the first
two Blacet models going into my empty Fracrack
(it was part of the deal when I bought the 9700,
Power supply included). Also, my brother is
cooking up a dual Buchla LPG clone. In the meantime,
I'm stuffing attenuators and multiples everywhere I
can on the racks. Really into this new set-up - gonna
be small and flexible..... and won't burn a hole in
my wallet.
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