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I/O and Power Cables!
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Author I/O and Power Cables!
Hey there fellaz, I finally ordered a Blacet I/O!!!!!! and the DIY power cable set. This way... I can build the I/O as well as my cgs mixer and cgs super psycho lfo. smile

Pumped about sending my bent talking teacher into it and getting spurted out gates. smile
nice. i just finished running my bent casio sa-5 through the I/O into a plague bearer and used a miniwave for distortion. it makes that $3 keyboard sound much more expensive. 8)
just watch out with the MW as a distortion device. it cranks the levels like crazy. just a dab'll do ya. haha.

i was jamming with my turntable running through it last saturday. played with a couple of bassists, guitarists, drums, etc.

it saved me at some points cuz everyone was loud as shit but it also disenegrated the original signal lol

totally love that shit though. i don't really see a need for another distortion unit ever again. of course i have some CGS wave folder and tube based boards though so.. 8)
OOOOO, can't wait guys. Hoping I get the I/O this weekend as well as my 12U anvil case. Then come sunday when i get back from pittsburgh, stick my 12U of frac into my anvil case and go jam at a friends. FLIPPIN PUMPED FLIPPIN PUMPED FLIPPIN PUMPED! smile
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