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Uglyface/Trem Lune Vid
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Author Uglyface/Trem Lune Vid
you noise/circuit bendy guys might like this....

Muff Wiggler
bloody awesome!! love those lazer beam blast sounds, great work

very very nice, i do want the uglyface 8)
I love how it sounds with the trem... adds a bit more doom.. pitchshifters make it otherwordly... I have started getting the parts together for a small run. I'll make sure you get one. I'm doing everything I can to get them built BEFORE I sell them... more out of pocket... but better for customer relations...
Muff Wiggler
hehehe, i can understand that

still, the APC was worth the wait, just for the sexy casing alone!

thanks 8)
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> General Gear  
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