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If your DIY module doesn't work, read this
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Author If your DIY module doesn't work, read this
You've bought a PCB and you've built it up. You've put it on the panel and wired up all the sockets and switches. You power it up and it doesn't work properly. So what do you do?


Check your wiring. The wiring to and from the board to the panel is the number one cause of faults.

Check also the power supply lead. All sorts of strange things happen if one of the power rails or either ground aren't connected to the module.


Check the board for the wrong components. In many cases boards returned to me have the wrong parts inserted.


Check the board for solder shorts. Particularly in those areas where the components are tightly packed in. Use a bright light to illuminate the board's underside. Maybe even use a magnifying glass.


Come on this forum and ask for help. Try to give as much information as possible. Saying "it does not work" really doesn't help. What is actually wrong with it? Is it just one control that doesn't work or the whole lot? Which bits do work?

It will also help us to know what sort of equipment you have. Do you have a voltmeter or a scope?

Please do not get impatient if your post is not answered at once. There is no official support for any Oakley DIY project but people will try to help if they can. If you don't get a reply it may mean that we either don't have enough information to help or that simply we don't know how to help.


If you are within the EU you can send your project back to me and I will fix it here in my workshop. You do have to pay for this service though. Contact me via e-mail (please do not use Muff's PM) to use my 'get you working service'. I'm sorry but I can no longer offer this service to customers outside of the EU because of new regulations pertaining to the application of import taxes.

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