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AFG modulation ?
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Author AFG modulation ?
tony d
hey, just curious as to how people are modulating the afg ?

i just got one and i think it sounds incredible, it definitely has a character that is pleasing to my ears and i also think it plays well with the plan b m-15.

like i said i am just curious how other users are modulating it (especially the harmonic animation section) ? any favorite methods or techniques ?
Stretta just posted this, about using quadrature LFOs to modulate the AFG:

I imagine it would be fun with a Mankato filter! SlayerBadger!
tony d
damnit. i got into hardware to get away from the computer. who is behind this VICIOUS cycle!!
Get a Mankato or a ChaQuO for the quadrature thing away from the computer! SlayerBadger!
anything, but feeding the animation input(s) with stepped modulators from sequencers or s&h can get really funky.
I recently bought a Livewire Vulcan specifically to modulate my AFG... so far it is working very well for me w00t
Cyndustries Saw Animator's 6 LFOs
anything that puts out quadrature or similar, like 4 Model 10s. smile
I like using anything. Sometimes it's my other AFG, sometimes the Dalek, sometimes the Vulcan, M10s, anything.

Some of the more interesting sounds, imo anyway, are slow asynchronous changes to each of the animation sections (4 independent modulators basically).

I just took delivery of a 2nd Vulcan, so I can modulate the crap out of an AFG.
I like to use the the same cv value that I use for pitch but through a dualBissell(lag) into a mooger cp-251 offset down. It gets nice and fat!
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