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Power Distro boards -MOTM is a deal!
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Author Power Distro boards -MOTM is a deal!
depending on your needs the MOTM board may be the best value out there!
"The MOTM-960 is for expanding the MOTM-900 or other +-15V power supplies. There are 21 4-pin MTA-156 connectors for attaching to modules (module power cables not included). For DIYers, you can connect to external supplies via 2 screw terminal blocks. This board should be mounted on 3/8" standoffs (not supplied)."

anyway, this seems a better value than the Oakley(DIY) or Blacet boards, of course the CGS (DIY) may be nicer and cheaper for your needs as well:

I always thought of MOTM being a bit pricey, and it's a different format so thought I'd share my discovery.
My whole system (40 modules) is running of a single MOTM-960 right now. For the future, I'm gonna go with the CGS one. It doesnt have terminal blocks or connectors on it already, but at $7.50 for 10 connections it's the best value there is IMO.

Way better than bodgeing together my own! Just emailed Ken about getting a bunch of these! w00t

I think they are a little bigger than the Blacets but the option to split them makes up for that I think! Super usefull.

Can't wait to get the rest of my suitcase powered up & have everything in place for the next one!
werd i should get some of the CGS ones too. nothing could be easier in diy land.
Got my boards today! hyper w00t

They are super nice for sevenbuxfiddy!

It looks like if you are happy to use fixed length cables from the PSU to the board you get connections for 10 modules, by soldering into the lil' holes at the 'breakpoint' Very cool.

mine are gonna be wired straight to a 4 pin XLR on my case so this is not a problem.
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