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Volta make the PC start "sounding" intermittently
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Author Volta make the PC start "sounding" intermittently
I have used Volta and Logic 8,2 for months without problems.
I have a MOTU 2408mkIII interface and a MOTU Traveler.
I have made an aggregate soundcard in Logic for having 6 + 8 analog Volta OUTPUTs to connect to my hardware synth.
At a certain moment a problem has arised: the movements of the VOLTA trigger sequencer and step sequencer stops and starts again intermittently. In that moments also the audio from the 2408mkIII fades out. If I play my Clavia NordStage it stops sounding. This happens every 3 to 10 seconds, very randomly, without any....logic.

My computer is a 2008 macpro with dual 2.8 Xeons, 16 giga of RAM, 4 internal Hard disks
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