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MOTM FRACRACK modules hum/noise problem ... need help !
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Author MOTM FRACRACK modules hum/noise problem ... need help !

i need some help i guess
i hope i dont sound too stupid here

i ordered from AH a few frackrack modules from motm ( ie : DUAL VCA, LOOPING ADSR & GX VCF )
i included them in a cabinet containing only blacet modules ...
when i plug any of those motm module's output i get a very loud and anoying hum/buzz noise ( like those with turntables ) , even when nothing ( audio signal ) goes througth ... even with volumes to zero !!!
do i miss something ???
i need help please , i guess i didnt get something while ALL motm modules do this and none of my blacet ones did it, they are all quiet and nice sounding ...

thnaks for any help or ideas why ....

Muff Wiggler

it may not be the same issue, but is it possible that this thread can help?
i am not really sure i understand everything explained in this thread, as my english is okay for talking but not that much on the technical side ...
from what i understood, it is not the same problem as i dont have any hum with any blacet modules ... and i have a hum without any patch installed ...

regarding hte multiple psu issue i unplugged one psu ( i have two ) and the hum was less loud but still there...

hope someone may have teh same problem configuration as me ...
A "hum" is a grounding/power supply issue.

a) make sure you did not plug a power cable in backwards

b) what MOTM module hums? If you move the patch cord output to a Blacet module (like their VCA) does the hum go away?

c) did you try powering only the MOTM modules by themselves? Does the MOTM-1800 ADSR in Loop mode blink the LED?

d) Does the hum also come out of any other MOTM module (VCF?)

e) for the module that hums: check the ribbon cable(s) from the jack boards to the main board. Be sure they are firmly plugged into the black rectangular connectors. In shipping, they could have jiggled loose.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology/MOTM
thanks to all , on line and in pm for the help

it's good to feel your not alone

the problem is gone using a connection of the commons smile
Muff Wiggler
cavage wrote:
the problem is gone using a connection of the commons

excellent! i sorta had a hunch about that....
yup that's true, you were rigth smile
thx again !
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