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More minijack bugs
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Author More minijack bugs
For those who missed it in the pics thread:

BugBrand wrote:

I'm in the middle of updating things online and getting ready to gradually begin offering a few modules in Minijack again. This really is a spin-off from the main banana productions - hopefully some nice additions to the general Frac Minijack world.

Updates in progress - as always the best way to stay up to date is the mailing list (which I promise will soon actually have some traffic - so much work the last months has just been with the system users..)

Hurrah! I got the wavefolder last week and it is lovely. w00t

Would love to get hold of a minijack crusher and delay in the future...
Yeah, hopefully the delay will be available in minijack...
I have a minijack delay. it is teh awsomes! we're not worthy
can't wait to here some sounds frome the wavefolder. hyper
There are a few designs that I already re-layed to Rev.2 status over the last 6 months (inc PT Delay, ENV1 and SYN2A) that I would like to be able to offer in Minijack - the slight problem is that the Minijack design places a few restrictions on parts placements - for new designs I can keep these requirements in mind when doing the 'main' Banana designs, but I didn't have such requirements in mind until recently - so the slightly older designs need some further layout adjustments, some of which are a bit complex, before I could do 'em.

Hopefully when I bring out new modules I will be able simply to make the Minijack variant straight after the Banana design - I won't be doing it for absolutely all modules (particularly the utility ones, I reckon) but there should be a few nice ones coming up in the coming months.

DD3 is def. coming along soon, but nothing else scheduled as yet.

By the way - I'm now using Jalco professional vertical PCB mount Minijack sockets - they seem very good indeed (well, they're still Minijacks but hey..!). There are also screws & standoffs holding the PCBs behind the panel steady - these are good solid modules - both in circuit and in production.

I'll probably get to selling Wavefolders properly next week or so - will announce via the mailing list.

Cheers! Tom
^ the minijack wavefolder is very well built. Ill keep an eye out for the DD3... bet ager has got some demos of it somewhere.

Expecting to get some studio time in tomorrow, Ill try to get some wavefolder audio posted.
i would buy a wavefolder and a DD3
Sir Ruff
I'm deffo happy to hear about more bug-mini modules, ESPECIALLY a digital delay!
A very ruff (pun!) wavefolder demo, its not clean... theres a spring reverb and some sound of shadows delay feedback in there too.

Starts with one sin wave (hertz donut), into the wavefolder for tweaking and modulation, out to the reverb and delay. After a minute or so another sin joins in, I do a bit of maunual tweaking of the HD's in built waveshaper which you will notice as very digital sounding.

Sorry the demo isnt clearer... part demo and part sample fodder! thumbs up
Cheers Andy!

Right -- PRC5s are out now -- DD3s will be available next week -- I'm happy to combine shipping on then, just email once you've picked up a PRC5 and we'll sort out combining the two.

I just wrote a mailout and also posted it on my forum - more waffling thoughts on my approaches!

Oh yes, I'll try to do some DD3 demos.
thumbs up

Finally something to add to the bugcrusher - don't think that likes being the only blue panel in my rack hihi
And here it is:

I finally got the DD3 VCA/Drive Minijack Modules put up today.

Here are three short demo sounds as well::

I've had a lot of fun testing these - there are many, many variations in response available from varying the VCA level and then the two drive controls.

Important to highlight also how I've approached the design - the drive section is very much based around some quite standard guitar overdrive approaches, but I obviously had to add appropriate wrappings around to ensure both that our typical 10V P-to-P input signals were expected and that the overall gain would still be unity (ie NOT offering a output that'd then have to be amp'd massively nor something that'd be banging into the power rails - these aspects are always key in my designs).

There are still a few Wavefolders actually. Guess Frac is slow these days?!
oooh shit that sounds great... Ill be in touch! thumbs up
I don't care for the blue panels. It will not look good when everything else I have is black.
Spencer wrote:
I don't care for the blue panels. It will not look good when everything else I have is black.

Haha yeah right! It will look awesome and sound even better!
makes my blue cynare look loads better. thumbs up
Spencer wrote:
I don't care for the blue panels. It will not look good when everything else I have is black.

Seriously, unless you've got bright lighting it won't stand out. I've got 2 blue Bugbrand modules and in the rack next to the black modules in 'normal' lighting conditions you can barely tell the difference.

The only time it stands out is if I try and take a picture with the flash on, when everything looks artificially light.

The pulsing LEDs on the wavefolder are as close as you'll get to having a Cylon in your modular...
Spencer wrote:
I don't care for the blue panels. It will not look good when everything else I have is black.

Thanks for the useful feedback - that is good to know. And I wonder if that may be a wider Frac feeling for some people?

Simple solution? Full frame of BugBrand!

It would be possible to get panels with matt black - would have to have a full batch though - and remember: blue is true!

Thanks for the comments Werock!
Looks like a great module although haven't listened to the demos yet. I have no objection to the blue panels but I do have knob orientation issues (ooh-err missus!). I prefer all my frac modules to have blacet style sideways knobs and scales. This is purely my personal taste (or possible some form of OCD) of course but one simple solution to please a multitude of people would be to maybe offer a bare-bones kit of some sort.

kits applause
don't ditch the blue, it's really nice, i think a pure row of this stuff would look great next to some Blacet et al. considering people's euro frankensynths i think the best these days is to stick with something subtle but beautiful... ie when friends seem my euro stuff... they look at doepfer, it looks boring, they look at wogglebug, and it looks too confusing to ever touch (even tho we all know it's not), then they see the cwejman, and almost everyone guesses that that's the pimp-ass pro stuff.

damn, yr those black jacks are sexy w/ the blue...
Haha -- chance of kits = less than zero %%%

Sorry no chance what-so-ever.

I'd forgotten about the Blacet strange knob orientation - I have just two Blacet modules and find the orientation completely horrible. Still, if you like that you could very easily take the knobs off my modules and put them back on turned through 90deg - my pots have standard splined shafts so you can put the knobs on with whatever orientation you like. (of course that won't help the scale legend but hey...)

And, no - I certainly have no plans to stop the blue. It IS interesting to hear what people think and I will take it on board, but I am also quite clear in my path - the Minijack is a spin-off, not a main thrust for me. Changing the panel approach would likely be a step too far for me.
Can't hurt to ask!!!

Could always just re-panel the buggers with FPE panels to ensure that the scales matched the knob orientation...

I popped by the bug shop site and found these for sale:
PRC5 - Wavefolder Minijack
DD3 - VCA / Drive Minijack

I have both. Super awesome modules in every way.
Except for banana folks like me, I can't see why anyone should hesitate.
I can second that - I have both, and they are fantastic modules. Hoping there will be more available in minijack soon (Tom... please smile )
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