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dotcom jacks issue ?
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Author dotcom jacks issue ?

from what i read here and there it seems that it is a fact that jack sockets on dotcom modules are ... shit

in my home i already broke 5 jacks in dotcom sockets ....

apart from changing the sockets on all my modular ( wich is to me looking like impossible ) do some users found some jack brands that fits better than others ?

i guess it shouldnt be but maybe some manufacturers did theyre jacks a micron less diameter than others and .... i have a rigth to dream no ?

and maybe, i didnt try, but maybe the jacks that dotcom sell on theyre site are fitting better than others ???

i found this really annoying to have to be so hardcore with jacks and sockets on my dotcom modular....

any clue ?
I cannot agree! I have my dotcom since 5 years and never broke any of the sockets. I don`t know what your are doing with your cables? eek!
are you trying to put hammers into them or something hihi
3 years or so use on mine without a single issue.
ya, i think he might be thinking of other mfrs and not dotcom. I've never heard of a problem with jacks. I've never had any problems with mine either.
Actually the jacks on the newer Dotcom's are the cheaper Chinese ones
The thing is that the older modules used the Switchcraft jacks, and if you add something like a new Normalization module, you have to swap out some jacks, but the new ones do not come with nuts, they expect you to use the ones you took out, and the Switchcraft nuts do not fit the Chinese jacks, or vice-verse, I have had all kinds of problems with this on my dotcom, but I have a basement full of parts, so I could find some nuts that fit.
The other problem with the Chinese jacks is that you cannot tighten them up to much, they strip very easily, and if they don't strip, then they do have a tendency to break apart.
I wish Rodger would raise his prices by a few bucks, and go back to using the Switchcraft jacks.
To tell which jacks you have, just look at the color, the Switchcraft jacks are a creamy color and are made with a type of phenolic material while the Chinese jacks are brown, and made of plastic.
i have dotcom modules, real "dotcom" ones buyed over last year so i guess i have the detailed 'chinese' ones ...
and i had buy jack patch cords from german 'cheap' shops like thommann and musikstore and i can say that without doing hammer-style patching i broke a few and they are quite 'hard' to unplug ...

i was mostly complaining about the sockets, not the cords ...

i also have some motm 5u modules and i can say they that patching in them is like patching in butter compared to the dotcoms i have ...

i will try to order patch cords from dotcom to see if they fit better ...

i love my dotcom modules and how they sound, i am not trying to diss on dotcom at all, i wont change them for other ones ( well exept maybe a few brands wink ), it is just that i found annoying and not ergonomic or natural for patching to have to force a lot to unplug a jack here and there ...

theyre migth be a solution out there i'm sure smile
The difference between the Switchcraft jacks and the Chinese jacks is amazing, but I've never broken anything. One needs quality jacks as well as quality plugs. It is the easiest DIY possible to replace jacks in Dotcom modules. You can use the supplied two-pin connector and wires and solder them to a Switchcraft jack. I agree that Roger should go back to Switchcraft and just charge a bit more.
the jacks would certainly be fairly easy to switch for better ones with the system roger uses for connecting things to the pcb. just a case of money then i guess smile
i can't say i'd noticed the new jacks but most of my system was 2-3 years old or so.
the dotcom cables are definitely worth the not unreasonable cost.


i have an order going on with dotcom so i will add to it a few cables from them to see if it helps ...
i guess i could replace myself the jack sockets of course but just looking at those almost 50 modules makes a nigthmare to me to imagine how long it will take and how boring it is gonna be to replace all those hehe ...

and yes, i know going for the cheapest is a bad short term solution, as my girlfriends grandmother use to say " you have to be rich to buy it twice"

wise advice finally smile
FYI: Neutrik NYS-234s will fit in the holes in modules, but not Switchcraft 111s.

which is okay, because the Neutriks are great jacks but cost 1/3rd of what Switchcraft charges.
good to know

where one would buy this in bulk ?

i ggogled and just found 3 links non revelant and one was in russia , wich is cool , but far

i've always bought them from Mouser.

i've already put 1.25" knobs on the frequency controls of my Q106 oscillators, and changed their red LEDs to purple.

next thing i want to do is totally re-jack it with NYS-234s.
Just FYI: anyone wanting Switchcraft jacks should check out

I bought 100 Switchcraft 112A jacks from them last year for only $66 (before they raised their prices! hihi ). They are a good outfit and have the real deal as far as I can tell. Their prices are still pretty great, probably the lowest out there for Switchcraft, although I wouldn't hesitate to use Nuetrik jacks either.

Switchcraft 111 ($65 for 100)

Switchcraft 112A ($125 for 100)

Switchcraft 113B ($175 for 100)

They also have these super cheap PCB mount "795.954/68 by SWITCHCRAFT" jacks that I don't know anything about but you can get 100 of 'em for only $25! eek!
OMG, I didn't realize the 111's were so cheap. Are they the same as 112's sans switch? If so I'll take 1000 and just save the 200 or so 112 clones I have for when I need switching.
i will definbitly get into changing all my dotcom jacks ...

all the prices seems very cool, cant find here in france a better price

what is the difference betwin all those ?? i dont get it ...

regarding my dotcom jacks i guess anything will be better than them but what parameters are to be taking in account to choose the good ones ??

sorry to ask such basic things but i wont do that two times wink
I just heard back from TDSS and anyone who was thinking about getting some switchcraft 111's had better act fast

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your interest in this part.
We can offer this item at $0.65 each for 1000 pieces.
They are in stock and ready to ship.

To which I replied:

Thanks for the response. $.65 each is the price for 100 pieces too. Could you do any better for 1000? I don't think I can afford 1000 at that price right now.


Hi Andrew the cost of .65 is the best we can get for any quantity over 100 pieces. The cost should have been adjusted for 100 pieces to $1 and we will make that change next week but we will maintain the .65 cost for the balance of this week.

Looks like I ruined it for everyone so I thought I'd try to give peeps a heads up before it's too late.
I'm ordering those 111s to use in some module builds, and just for the heck of it I did a quick coupon code search for while i was checking out.

If you've never ordered from them before (like me), this code will get you an additional 10% off - 1stt1me

Thanks for the heads up, neandrewthal! SlayerBadger! I guess when they raised the price on the 112's I didn't think to check what the 111's were at. My original plan was to just use 112's everywhere because at the time I bought them the 111's and 112's were the same price. But I went ahead and nabbed 100 of the 111's yesterday so I'll have jacks for a long time an only use the 112's where actually needed.

Unfortunately, I didn't see Joe's excellent coupon code tip in time! d'oh!
I thought I'd wait till the last minute, like I do with everything else Guinness ftw!

BTW, I tried to order these:

They also have these super cheap PCB mount "795.954/68 by SWITCHCRAFT" jacks that I don't know anything about but you can get 100 of 'em for only $25!

...but they cap you at a quantity of 33(?) - so they would've been .50/ea.

Too good to be true, I guess waah
Damn, I never thought of searching for coupon codes very frustrating That would have saved me $50.

I used to use 112`s(or clones) for everything as well, but now I`ve got 750 of these coming my way and I still have a pile of 200 old ones left for when I need the switch.

Glad you guys got some before I spoiled the bargain MY ASS IS BLEEDING
heh, well, if I was more forward thinking meh and just a little be more evil twisted I would of just purchased their entire stock when I first discovered them and then sold the jacks for 2 or 3 times the cost on Ebay etc and made a bunch of money. oh well . . . . I've got a lot more imoportant things to do than be financially successful . . . . . spinning Trampoline Smash!
i neeeed help

i definitly want to change the crappy jack sockets on my dotcom modules but i cant seem to find the references you talk about in france ( ???)
i found a company selling neutrik & switchcraft that is in bizness with the company i work in and we have an account there so it could be really cool for me to order from them

i am a real dumb regarding electronics altrougth i feel i can manage replacing and soldering jack sockets with a bit of training wink

but i have no idea wich ones can be compatible and fit in dotcom panels because one thing is sure is that i dont want to drill anything on my panels ...

can someone be kind enougth to check the link and let me know wich ones i can buy bulk ???

i would really apreciate the help !

here is the ref i found on this suplier website :  ?method=getProduct&R=6287023
pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz help
cavage wrote:
pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz help

I'd like to help but I'd be afraid to make a guess for you and have it turn out wrong! eek!

I suggest you contact Roger at and ask his recommendation. He seems like a great guy and give excellent support so I'm sure he would help you with the jack specifications.

Best of luck!
your rigth i will try

to me dotcom are the less "sympathic" and responsive to user questions opposed to all other frac or 5u format manufacturers but i will give it a try

i am not dissing on them , just that i had quite cold contact with them in the past

and, well, i can understand they react bad if i ask " hey, your jack socket are crap, i want to replace them ..."

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