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mounting Makenoise mod/demod in Frac - dumb or OK?
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Author mounting Makenoise mod/demod in Frac - dumb or OK?
Mood Organ
I was just reading about the Makenoise Mod/demod

It's passive, so is there any reason I couldn't mount that thing in my Frac rack? I don't have any Euro stuff (yet)

PS - 1st post!!! Hail to you, badass synth forum we're not worthy
Roycie Roller
Yeah you should be able to. The only problem is that Euro modules are a fraction shorter than frac modules, so their mounting screw holes can't line up perfectly with the holes in the upper & lower rails of a Blacet rack. Therefore, you'll be able to fit a screw into either the upper rail, or the lower rail, but not both at the same time.
I have mounted Euro modules in a Blacet rack, and it was ok. You may be able to fold a little piece of cardboard to jam between the bottom of the faceplate & the lower rail, or they may even make screws or other things with a bend or L-shape to secure stuff- then you could secure both the upper & lower screw holes, at the same time.
I say go for it, regardless.
Personally, I think you should just get a pair of ring modulator kits
from either CGS - Ken Stone, or Bridechamber.
There really isn't much to be scared off by in these kits.
In the CGS version the boards are already populated.
You could mount these in a Frac ear to maximize space.
The Mod-Demod is modeled after Ken Stone's design anyway.
There is a diagram on the CGS site about how to wire up the same thing.
The most difficult part of this build is the drilling or punching of the Frac rack ears.

If you want to spend more money for something that doesn't quite fit in your rack then get the Mod-Demod.

I don't mean to slam Makenoise by the way.
Their Euro stuff looks great, especially the QMMG!
..and for people that have no time or bollucks for a little DIY
the Mod-Demod is available with very nice graphics on the faceplate.
true. but is there more matching going on with the MakeNoise? Ken may match the 2 xformers on the board, but does Tony match all 4? this could be better. Still you can't go wrong with either. Have both and they are my fav ringmods... haven't tried two of the CGS vs the ModDemod.
Hey Mood Organ....wonderful to see your visage around these parts! twisted

The Mod/demod is really nice. It was my first euro module...before I had a case. For months I patched with it while it sat in a small tupperware container. Sufficed just fine.
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