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Window Comparator ETC..
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Author Window Comparator ETC..
Really, before buying it, I'd like to know if
it can be re-panelled onto a 1Fu such as
Cat-A-Tonic has shown with the mixer-processor.

I've been doing the same thing to some modules for my 2 rack limit set-up.
The WC really looks like it could handle it but would need to confirm since I'm out of space... Comments?

Damn! I love my Frac.
you need to be aware that the jacks are pcb mounted and somewhat shallow so your front panel should be the same thickness as the blacet panel.
yeah the WC would easily lend itself to that... i considered doing that myself but i ended up selling it to fund a bugbrand system...

the jacks on the left are held together by a small pcb, would be just a matter of getting an FPD made up..

if you get around to making one, please do share! wink

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My 1FU Window Comparator panel is almost finished.

The ribbon cable that connects the 2 PCBs sticks out too much for the PCBs to be close enough for 1FU mounting.
There is more than one way around this.
If you were builidng a new one from a kit,
you could buy a header that angled back at 90 degrees.
It also wouldn't be too hard to wire up your own panel mounted jacks and ditch the jack PCB.

I will let you know how mine turns out when it is all back together again.
Yes! Thanks for your thoughts.
I'll be ordering a WC and EG1
from Blacet.

I'll make sure to keep up with the
progress. In the meantime, here's
a patched up 1FU Buchla dual LPG
I put together yesterday.

Design adaptation and board layout by my bro. What the hell, since
these aren't for sale, check out his stuff.
looks rad!

i love the fairfield circuitry logo
Can someone please explain what a window comparator does?

Please make it simple.

it looks for voltages within a window,

when it sees them, it says so.

you can use voltages to tell it to look for something differant.

it is very usefull

cram1960 wrote:
Can someone please explain what a window comparator does?

Please make it simple.


Have a look at the following thread - lots of useage examples:
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