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Software M185 Step Sequencer
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Author Software M185 Step Sequencer
Fueled by the success of my software Klee ( ), I'm pleased to announce the availability of my software recreation of a step sequencer inspired by RYK's M-185 hardware DIY step sequencer ( ). Get it here:

RYK worked with me to give me advise and feedback as I developed it, as well as to test the beta versions of the software.

For those that are not familiar with it, this sequencer works by advancing the pattern through (up to) 8 stages. Each stage can have have anywhere from 1 to 8 clock pulses that are advanced through. Each stage has a note value. The stage operates in 1 of 4 possible gate modes: Mute, Single, Multi, and Held. In mute mode, the stage is silent for however many clocks it is set for. In single mode, the note triggers for the first clock of the stage, and then it is silent for the remainder of clocks (if any) in the stage. In multi mode, the note is retriggered for each clock of the stage. Finally, in held mode, a single note is held for the duration of all of the clock pulses of the stage.

As Mark Rivera said a while back on the Analogue Heaven list, the M185 is "... the only alternate concept to x0x, knob-row, and arpeggiator styles. It's all three but none of them?"

That's the basic idea. Of course, there's details - you can change the clock pulses from anywhere between whole notes to 1/32nd notes. You can change the gate duration times. You can change the direction of the sequence through the stages - forward, backward, ping pong, and random. You can control the maximum number of clock pulses in a pattern, irrespective of the number of stages.

The software version has almost all of the features of the hardware version, plus more. As with my software Klee, It works with MIDI rather than control voltages/triggers. It will send MIDI to any MIDI device (hardware or software), and will work with either an internal clock or MIDI clock. It can also host a VST instrument plugin. It will save and load presets.

It's available for Mac and PC, and is pretty inexpensive, like all of my software. There's also a free demo available.

Look forward to everyone's feedback!
That is a stonking piece of code.

That may actually get me to build my two PCB's up.

Nice work.
Thank you! (Built in Max/MSP by the way...)

You're lucky to have some of those PCB's!
I know. I have a stack of PCB's that need building. I'll get round to it some day.
Delta T
Congrats on the release Dan!

I'll have to check this one out too....

mr chombee
Nice! I've also built a M185 clone for Max for Live a while ago. If you want to check it out, here's a link:

Will definitely check out yours!
Announcing version 1.5 of the software M185!

Here's what's new:

* External MIDI controller support via MIDI CC messages
* Map CC to UI control by MIDI learn functionality or by manual mapping
* MIDI Note control feature for Stages added
* Ability to specify default CC mappings and MIDI controller device
* "." key now toggles between Main and Setup pages
* VSTs no longer duplicated in Output menu after Rescan Plugins or Rebuild Plugin Cache functions selected
* VSTs no longer duplicated in Output menu after viewing About M185 screen
* On Windows, clicking anywhere on app activates the window (not just on the title bar)
* Preferences folder now correctly named "M185 Preferences Folder" instead of "Klee Preferences Folder"
* On startup, each stage set to C4, instead of an ascending scale
* On Macintosh, Max/MSP users will no longer have M185 open inappropriately instead of Max, when double-clicking a Max patcher

More info on the site,

And here's a screenshot of the new version
have you thought about making a Max for Live version? Would be great to have this right inside Ableton, synced to session tempo. I'm guessing this version runs off Max's global transport currently??
One out there already (not by me):
New version 1.6.1 now available! Here's the major new features:

• Global transpose function
• Constrain notes to scale
• Additional clock subdivisions
• MIDI CC controllers now scaled to cover their full 0-127 range

More info on the site:

And a screenshot of the new version:
I'm happy to report that a new version 2.1 of the software M185 is now available! There are some new features from v2 (which itself brought many new features), as well as bug fixes.

New Features
* Now runs only as 64-bit application, and only allows for hosting of 64-bit plugins
* Now supports hosting of VST, VST3 and AU plugins (AU Mac-only)
* Plugin blacklisting, for plugins found to be problematic on app startup
* Basic support for Dark Mode (menus and title bar only, Mac 10.14.x or greater)

Improvements / Bug Fixes
* Entirely new plugin scanning process, should be more reliable and thorough, and avoids crashes.
* Fixes major bug on newer Mac OSs, which occasionally resulted on blank white screen on startup or app refusing to launch
* Fixed bug with ReWire not working on Windows 64-bit systems
* Fixed bug where duplicate audio plugin entries seen if only one plugin present
* Removed option to choose whether to operate with or without plugins
* Minor user interface improvements

More info at
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