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Cheap Video Converters/Peripherals
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Author Cheap Video Converters/Peripherals
I ran across this site today:

Some extremely useful, very cheap video devices. I ordered the Composite to Component/RGsB converter -- $84. There's also a very compact media player that accepts usb/sd card input for the same price: (if only it could genlock). hihi

There are some picture-in-picture devices and some pal/ntsc conversion devices, hd upscalers, as well. Everything's in the $80-$200 range for the most part. I'll report back if I have good luck with the Composite to RGsB converter.
The media player looks interesting, I used a very similar product the TMS-001. If I remember right I could MPEG2 encode at 15 mbps. Of course we also have the WD live player.
That media player is exactly something that I'm looking for. Good lookin' out.

Another thing that caught my eye: If you mult a video signal, this is a cheap way to do mirrored/kaleidoscopic effects (Each channel lets you pick whether horizontal or vertical or both h&v are mirrored).
Quote: If you mult a video signal, this is a cheap way to do mirrored/kaleidoscopic effects (Each channel lets you pick whether horizontal or vertical or both h&v are mirrored).

That's a great idea!!

We'll be releasing a proper MJPEG media player/recorder module w/SD card soon. But I wonder if a modular rehousing of this one might be a fun project though. For the price and size it's much more convenient than a DVD player.
Wow! Those guys have a lot of devices. Some of them are incredibly cheap.
The feature set and I/O on the $500 video mixer is pretty ridiculous. I wonder if you can get two separate post-TBC outputs?
I doubt it. I would expect that they digitize the inputs and TBC them as they feed digitally into a big FPGA to do all the effects, and then out from that to a digital encoder to bring it back to normal video.

That's typical of a number of similar digital effects boxes available for the past decade or so.
Yeah. That's what makes most sense to me too. Still, it's something like half the price of most things on the market.

I wonder if any of the upscalers are decent.
That mixer looks like a direct rip off of the Panasonic WJ-AVE mixers. The Panasonic dealies come up on eBay pretty frequently for a lot cheaper than $500.

I have a WJ-AVE5 and it's a lot of fun to feed back into itself.
Yeah, maybe a hybrid of the Panasonic and the Videonics mixers. But it's new price is lower than the new price of any of those.

You can certainly find used mixers on ebay for less though. You can even pick up old school DVE machines like Abekas on ebay for next to nothing.
I'd like to pick up a Video Toaster rig someday when I have more space for it, there are a ton of expansion cards for the Amigas that seem extremely useful for modification.

Ed (my LZX partner) just picked up one of those Panasonic mixers and a friend has one he uses a lot for feedback. I have a Videonics MX-1 but have not messed with it much.

The Composite to RGsB/YPrPb converter I bought is half the price of the cheapest other option I've found.

I just picked up a genlock'able Extron scan converter on eBay for about $80, works quite well and has RGB/YPrPb out too.

Dave (or anyone) do you know anything about For-A? I think they were a japanese company. I picked up some very cheap rack units from them: Contour Synthesizer (an edge extractor/highpass filter for xray analysis, only works on luma) and Background Title Colorizer, which just arrived today but I believe is a simple keyer/title inserter. They went for $50 and $10 on eBay (thanks snufkin for the tip!)
We have a couple of For-A TBCs at the TV Center. They're great. Automatic and manual controls for most things.

I think Kjell has (or had?) one of those contour synthesizers.
I have two WJ-AVE5 picked one up for £20 and the other for a bit more like £80

I hear the sliders are -/+ 5v (haven't tested myself) so I want to mod/rack them eventually for cv control as they are awesome for feedback and taking dirty signals

that ambery video mixer often goes for around £100/200 on ebay over here
never tried one tho
excellent links. does anyone know of any cheap video wall solutions? definitely doesnt need to be HD or anything fancy
excellent links. does anyone know of any cheap video wall solutions?

I haven't found any cheap NTSC/PAL ones, but I imagine there's got to be something. Google "video wall controllers" and tons of stuff comes up.

Another note, I've found a $62 genlock'able monochrome camera!

That is without the lens, but this is definitely the cheapest high-res monochrome camera I've found with a genlock input. Even after paying for lenses, being able to buy a 4 camera setup for as low as $500 is pretty great. Depending on the use-case, monochrome cameras may be what you want for video synth mixing/switching anyway. I can't vouch for the quality yet but I ordered one and we'll see how it works. I plan to order 2-3 more and nicer lenses if it I like it, and put together a multi-camera rig for live rigs, doing splicing and sequencing between cameras. Analogue Haven NAMM booth 2012 w00t
That's a hell of a price. Unfortunately it looks like not only is it cheap because it's discontinued, but Pelco has discontinued their entire line of B&W cameras.
That's disappointing. Better start buying 'em guys! smile
Mine should arrive soon and I can take some clips.
I received my Composite-to-RGsB/YPrPb converter from Ambery Corp yesterday, well packaged and came with the power wallwart. It's nice and compact and does the job very well!! No noticeable artifacting or instability.
I bought the 4-channel video processor to try out my kaleidoscopic theory. Quick shipping; it arrived over the weekend. Now it sits in my office waiting another six hours for me to play with it.
Awesome! Keep in mind you can't mult a standard 75R terminated composite video signal the same way you would a system within the modular synth, so you may need to use a "Video Distribution Amplifier". Try it though, probably all that happens is you'll get a less bright signal and it's always possible there's some sort of automatic gain control inside the device.

I received my Pelco camera last week but haven't been able to test it yet -- looks really great for the price mechanically though. Really want to buy a set of 4-6 of these if it works out.
Okay, an update on the Pelco camera -- works great!!! It's a bit noisy with the AGC turned on, but you can easily switch it off on the backpanel. Very nice resolution. Genlock works just fine using an extra Color Video Encoder output. I'm going to have to order a couple more of these cameras, but yes, recommended!
nice Lars ! good to hear
Resurrecting a thread to let you know that I just picked one of these guys up. They're getting blown out at $20 with free shipping.

It's a multiformat card reader that will display stills and some encodings of video (MPEG-1, MJPEG). Outputs RCA. It has a slideshow mode with a few transitions.

I really just needed something that I could use to feed stills into my video modular for processing, and it looks like this will fit the bill, with some bonus features thrown in.
That's very cool, what a great price!
grabbed one of these. I've been trying to source cheap and simple digital video players for the past few days, and gonna use an old iphone as one as well although it wasn't as cheap to begin with...
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