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Reverend guitars
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Author Reverend guitars
Jason Brock am_290.html
Anyone own one, or even played one?
I'm eager to try out one of their maple fretboard models. People say these necks are delicious. I'm really kicking myself for missing out on their old USA models when they were around. And I wish they'd bring back that Lime Green color.
Never played one but never heard nothing but good things about them. Pretty cool looking too and I generally hate any guitar that looks later than the 70s in design

the warhawk is tight! p90s are the shiiiet too
I've played a few. They look cool and feel alright, but they just feel a little "cheap" IMHO.
Chuck E. Jesus
i've played a few, there's a dealer that carries them in my 'em quite a bit! i was for a time interested in a Club King RT, but it never panned out...
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