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I accidentally a green amp
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Author I accidentally a green amp
I finally finished this kit amp I've been working on for 4 months -

It's green.

Green Amp front by sduck409, on Flickr

Green Amp back by sduck409, on Flickr

Did I mention that it's green?

BTW, this amp sounds absolutely fantastic - as good or better than the absolute best boutique amps I've tried over the years. Not at all what you'd expect from a fairly inexpensive kit amp. And it certainly sounds better than 99.96% of the other green amps out there.
it would be fine if it wasn't orange though

nice work man! how does it sound?
Thanks! It sounds.. green. Actually, it's a copy of a version of the Dumble amps that has the clean section voiced similarly to a black face fender twin or deluxe. And it pretty much nails that sound, as well as a lot of other things - it's got a really flexible preamp. Back in the 80's I played guitar in a bunch of bands, and my amp of choice was a black face fender twin, so I know the sound well. And the overdrive section of this amp - is amazing. You probably know the sound - Santana has used one of these for his recordings for most of his career. Another fairly well known user is Robben Ford. Actually, the list of famous guitar players that have bought Dumble amps is pretty amazing - all the rock gods of the 70's and 80's are on there pretty much. Which is also amazing as the guy only built about a dozen amps a year - his total output is around 400 amps so far. If you want a Dumble amp these days you generally buy a clone - the real ones are unobtanium new, and the old ones sell for around 50K when they do pop up.
you are our local rock god SlayerBadger!
That looks awesome! Which kit did you use?
Wow, Steve way cool! Never heard of this company before. They sure have a lot of products. I checked out a youtube demo of that same model and it sounds like it really nails that thick Robben Ford Tone.
I've got a Fargen Mini-Plex2 combo and a Carr Viceroy and love both of them but paid a lot more $$$. The Ceriatones are priced really well. If I didn't have these already I'd consider a Ceriatone.
Did it really take you 4 months to build it?

When I was around 17 playing a lot we built some floor monitors and painted the different sides of them bright orange and blue. Black is boring! I would have gone for metalflake purple or maybe candy-apple red on the amp, but hey, viva la difference! It's neat you can personalize it and even change it later if you wanted.
Thanks guys. It's built from their Overtone HRM Bluesmaster 50w kit - .htm

I bought the package 1 kit - the 475$ option. Shipping the transformers and tubes over from Malaysia is ridiculously expensive, so I got those seperately. Nik, the ceriatone guy, is also a mercury magnetics dealer, and was able to sell me their top of the line steel at dealer cost (maybe another 250$), and had it shipped domestically. Bought the tubes at the local music store (another 100$).

The actual amp building took about 3 weeks I think, using my usual ~1 hour a day diy time. It might have gone faster, but there are no instructions with this kit - just a box of parts and a wiring diagram! I documented the whole build here - (lots of gut shots!). It took me another 3 months to get around to finishing the cabinet - I actually did the wood part fairly quickly, but getting all the hardware together and then doing the painting seemed to take forever.
Looks sweet smile Post a sound clip?
this is amazing..
I want!!

nice work
I just wanted to say that I fucking love the title of this thread. I want "I accidentally a green amp" on a t-shirt man, that's how good it is.

Also the amp is gorgeous.
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