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blacet vco misterious switch ?
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Author blacet vco misterious switch ?
ola group !

i ordered two vco's from blacet at one year distance ( factory build)
the last one came last month

crazy enough i just noticed one of them had a switch the other dont !!!

just under the expo/linear switch i have another non labeled switch !

i didnt believe myself i didnt notice this so i ran to blacet site to check documentation about this and photos and no trace of the misterious switch !

do some of you had the same thing ? any clue on what happens ?
am i lucky or whatever ?
interesting. you should email john blacet and ask.
i see that switch in the 'classic rack' photo on the front page.
maybe it is a:

- on/off switch (for fm)
- ac/dc switch (fm input is normally AC coupled)
i sent an email to john too of course but i posted here to because i thinked it could be of interest to blacet lovers smile

that switch, as i worte, is unlabelled

and yup, i didnt noticed but your rigth it is featured on the homepage photo of the blacet rack !
- ac/dc switch (fm input is normally AC coupled)

I think that's it.
I remember reading about it.
I wonder if it is an easy mod.
Muff Wiggler
indeed it is an AC/DC selector for the FM coupling.

The module didn't use to inlcude this switch, even though the circuit was built up on the board. The default configuration was set to AC coupling. Interested users simply needed to add a switch and attach two wires between this switch and some points on the board. As far as mods go, this one is as easy at it gets.

Look here for details on how to perform the mod:

Anyway, a while ago John posted to the Blacet mailing list saying all subsequent factory-built VCOs would have the switch installed, however it would be unlabelled on the panel until he orders his next batch of panels with updated graphics.
wonderfull fast and accurate information of (some) forums !

so what's the difference in usage/sound between ac and dc coupled fm?
Babaluma wrote:
so what's the difference in usage/sound between ac and dc coupled fm?

no takers?
i suppose you could test it if you have a blacet VCO.
take a symmetrical modulation source and offset it like a DC source
(mixerprocessor), then try to FM your unmodified VCO and see what you get.
Its hard to say, I don't really feel qualified as I'm still very much at the 'hhhmmm what if I do this...' stage, but, they have very differant sound to one another - hard to say which is which due to the lack of labelling on the switch.

One cool thing it can do is take a fairly 'sensible' fm patch & hit the switch to make it spazz out, which is fun! It sounds like such an easy mod its really worth doing. If my VCOs both didn't have it, I'd do it in a second.

Sorry I can't be much more help.
i am not really qualified either to tell what it really does but it changes the sound for sure...
like lowering octave ( ?? ) or something like that ...

isnt ac/dc regarding audio or voltage signal ??
anyway it changes the sound haha !

john blacet responded to my email saying exactly what muff stated about the mod
all blacets vco from now on will have the mod installed !
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