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strangest software FX
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Author strangest software FX
@ limpmeat: yes. envelope follower, lfo programable to different parameters= patch/program your fx.
If you have Reaktor it is worth checking out the user library for the effects.
one ping only hihi

wait...wrong forum seriously, i just don't get it
amnesia wrote:

I will look at KYMA again in the future and see if any improvements are made.

Agreed, I would LOVE to get my hands on Kyma but everytime I get serious I look at the terrible interface and I just spotted at least of the screenshots of their website is dated 2003. Mind you they do have an iPad interface which could be very cool direction indeed...
Mr. Sound Boy King
I'm psyched to try that blown out Lyre thing...

Also, ixiQuarks rules.
cdp is excellent for soundesign, not realtime operation though.
Perhaps a good alternative to msp and kyma, some very nice processing abilities...
Picked up ValhallaÃœberMod and love it. It is a complete freakshow, well worth the 50 bucks and more. Shimmer is fabulous as well.
ancient prosoniq PiWarp

reaper's FFT eq can be switched to freq gate... pretty mad stuff comes out
"pure data" is quite strange

AudioMulch is more accessible:

glitch - amazing vst:
these my fav

good luck. you might want to try a simple chainer vst or like something modular so u can build your own stuff. i find energyxt easy to use, others claim audio mulch is better.

It's peanut butter jelly time!
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