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WTF NI Kontakt
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Author WTF NI Kontakt
Upgrading to Kontakt5 (finally).

Stoopid large files. Even with a pretty fast system it's half a day to move the files from DVD. Wow, I need a manager.

I've had all the past editions and it seems like the library gets larger & larger. There's no way I'm gonna use all that stuff.

I love some of the stuff from third party vendors like Hollow Sun, Bela D Media etc., but am getting overwhelmed by this many samples from NI.

Has anyone else used Kontakt for third party samples only? I'm considering deleting all the gigs of NI samples for sanity's sake. It's a great sampler but hell...

Ok I get it. Cry-me-a-river is not just a body of water in the Ukraine. cry
Yep! Its insane!

I installed Komplete 7 (last one I can - Kore user) and it took all day. Of course the DVD drive on my laptop is flaky so it could have been quicker for others...

Wish there was a way to install the app only!

... although it wont matter now as this is it for me smile
Yeah.... The words "What the hell" came to mind when I heard that the ultimate version of komplete 8.... comes on a bloody hard drive very frustrating I'm kind of glad that my only (well at the moment) software from Native instruments only took an hour or two (mainly getting the damn audio 8 to play well with windows 7...)
I tried to upgrade to 8. After two boxes with two failed drives that were not recognizable by my computer, I got my money back and gave up. I'll wait til they drop the price a month before 9 comes out. confused
Isn't the library the same as Kontakt4? Someone told me that over on KvR and I see in SoS they are saying some people upgraded to K5 but left the old K4 library.

My wtf moment came with trying to update (not upgrade) reaktor 5.1 - apparently some people were being advised by NI they would need to re-install windows.

I can easily imagine having just 3rd party samples - the "kontakt" ones I use are the VSL ones anyway.

Bela D, Hollow Sun are great. So are Precion Sound. smile
I swear by that stuff. But yeah - I hate those DVDs, so I went for komplete 8 on the drive. I've been doing a bit of KSP programming - there's a rabbit hole!

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