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Hello world / Csound modular
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Author Hello world / Csound modular
Dear Wigglers,

I just wanted to say hello to confirm that I'm not a bot. As of now, I'm not a modular owner, but I'm reading this forum with interest as a source of inspiration.

I have dabbled with music programming languages for some years now and I'm currently using Csound to write a virtual modular (not open to the public yet).

It is quite ugly:
The buttons with text and a (yellow or gray) marker are inlets, the buttons with just text are outlets. One outlet can point to multiple inlets, but not vice versa.

but it also manages to bang out some beeps:

These sounds are not really of artistic value, they're mostly just experiments after I finished a module or fixed some code. enjoy.
welcome to the forum w00t

and good luck with your csound modular.

i particularly liked the sounds in the last soundcloud piece.
yeah that last soundcloud is great!

Sounds very interesting:)
good luck w/your coding adventures. some great sounds there.
Wow, good stuff!

Is there any chance you'd be willing to toss that up in Github so we could mess around with your code?
Thanks for the kind feedback.

The last tune is the simplest patch: just modulating the delay time on a AM-sine-sequence.

As of open sourcing it: will do eventually, but as of now, the code is still a bit messy and uncommented. I'll see what I can do.
CJ Miller
I like! Do you make a module as a sort of front-end to a Csound opcode? What modules are there so far? Part of the value I see in this is not unlike Nord Modular, being able to enjoy a modular which is not limited to typical subtractive synthesis by emulating classic analog modules.

My first experiences in computer music were making Csound patches in Cecilia and waiting for them to compile and render. It is neat that people are doing this in real-time now.
These sound great! Congrats!! When do you think you'll release this? I'd love to tinker!
The codebase is just a few weeks old, there won't be much to comment and clean up, but I still have some exams coming up. End of march would be a realistic estimate for a release date.

And yes, basically, some of the modules wrap csound opcodes, but there is a lot of glue and code for additional functionality. The available modules are a quite basic collection of VCO, LFO, VCA, VCF, VCEG, noise, an 8 step sequencer, VC-delay, sine wavefolding, sample+hold, ringmod, slew limiter, distortion and a small set of readymade drum hit synths.

I hope I'll get the code plus a tutorial or other documentation online next month.

Some more delay modulation:
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