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Sound of shadows possible issue?
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Author Sound of shadows possible issue?
Hey guys , picked up a sound of shadows the other week and have been quite enjoying it , however i have noticed some strange behaviour in it that may not be of desired intention that makes it hard for me to use it.

The main problem has been as soon as i start to make a long delay with it theres this sound like clock noise or some sort of digital artifact that i can hear really quite loudly and isnt drowned out by the incoming signal , im used to noisy delays (got old tape echoes and even an echorec) but this is the noisiest ive ever heard a digital delay , im thinking theres something up with it? i mean if its in its nature i can understand but somehow i think it isnt , will try and upload a soundfile when i get a chance.
Sounds perfectly normal. SoS does add really wierd noises. All good.
PT2399 delay chips (the core of the SoS) are only designed to give delays up to around 500mS - you can get much longer delays by slowing them down but this then brings in lots of noise/chaos. Personally, I've always found the noise to be totally amazing!
Amen to that. Love my SoS.
As i said i can understand it now i know its part of the module i can understand it alot more thumbs up , i really do love it its a great module but like all new ones they take a while to break in with me ,now i know its more suited to the making wierd sounds category of my rack i will use it as such , my only other digital delay module is the RS390 and as you can imagine thier totally different beasts.

thanks for the replies wigglers smile Rasta-nana
Now this sounds like the Metasonix subforum.
"I think it might be broken!" lol
I have two of them-VERY broken! Enjoy.
It's the SoS "Krrrrrok, thuk thuk pop." I just made that up, but it's the sound it makes when the clock is slowed way down.

I like that about it, but I don't like the hissy feedback noise that just sounds like static. It seems to swim all over the SoS, and really limits its uses to me.
Yup. It's not a delay. It's a timbre/rhythm/noise/creepiness generator. Lots to explore in there. Especially with a PB or two.
What's a PB?
Plague Bearer.
Votek_Mendo wrote:
What's a PB?

Peanut Butter. Goes well with Eurocrack.
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