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Nice mini Amp?
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Author Nice mini Amp?
Please bear with me, Im not sure where Im going with this...

Question is at the end if you wanna skip the preamble!

When Im writing, I tend to do so very quickly and I tend to record rough demos with whatever is to hand. Ive been doing this for some time and now want to go back and fix-up some tracks. I got a guitarist and a vocalist (mates of mine) round - showed them the tunes and set about recording the parts. They sounded dull and lifeless to me and for the longest time I couldnt figure out what was wrong - it was the rough demos - they just had the right 'sound' if not the tight playing or timing... I worry about those things after smile

So here is the thing - when doing the demos I either pick up my battered tele or my gretsch - randomly flick thru my Line 6 ux2 till I find an approx sound and just get on with it (often just being relatively in tune too!).

When I went to fix these up I got out my Flextone III XL and Variax - into Pro Tools and it was just - meh...

So Im thinking about a little practice amp or mini amp or whatever - I have the Flextone for big things but in the small attic room something mini that I can leave hooked up to the computer for 'proper' recording and just play thru when jamming... speed would be the thing here. If I can find a tone I like to jam with and get the same recorded love

Unfortunately micing etc. is out as most of this will be done at night...

I was looking at the Fender Champ 600 on Thomann and that would suit except it has no line/phones out for the capture moments. Anyone have any recommendations please? Im after a clean tone, more to the bass side of a twangy strat and Id like to be able to add a little warmth/crunch - not OD or distortion in the normal sense...

See, Told you I dont know where this is going hihi

Are any of those micro-micro vox, fender tabletop thingys any good?
I have an Orange Crush 12w that is perfectly acceptable for the $80 I paid for it. It sounds like a small amp, but for a clean sound to pipe into your software it does a nice job.

Also it's orange.
Thanks man!!! thumbs up

I wasnt sure I was coming across!

Never thought I'd be able to afford an Orange amp hihi Looks like all the crush series have a built in tuner too! Godsend for me!!!

I must add I have Komplete 7 (guitar rig etc), ohmboyz plugins, digi 002 etc but I just got an El Capistan and I like the idea of not perfectly synced everything all the time - moving away from staring at the computer screen all the time - its just a speed of work thing!

Like the look of the ORANGE CRUSH PIX 20w one is €90 and the 20LDX is €115 - I could do that! And it has fx, tuner etc!

Thank you VERY much for your thoughts sir!
I've got the little battery powered fender mini 57 twin, bought it when I started doing circuit bending stuff.. it was really overkill for that purpose. The amp actually sounds really good and I wouldn't hesitate to record from it either. If you want bigger then that I really like the vox night train and I think they have a smaller 2 watt now(can't comment on that one though).
Thanks zapp550 mate!

Im kinda intrigued by the mini-battery amps - they look great for set and forget! Saying that, Im lusting after an Orange Crush now hihi
Pignose amps make a few great practice/ portable amps. Cheap, too. Some even have rechargeable batteries!
Thanks mate!

Pignose was my first thought, I remembered busking years ago and a mate had one!
I like my little VOX DA-5. And it is GREEN.
Hey Kalerne!

Thanks! Looks like a nice amp - right size too smile What is the headphone/output like? Is it quiet enough to go direct into a soundcard? Are the clean models nice? Not much of a crunch guy smile

I like having Bass/Mid/Treble knobs - is just one Tone knob a huge drawback?

thumbs up

Thanks again! Have a fondness for Vox - years ago when I was just starting out at 15/16, the band I was in, the singer got a loaner AC30. The guy he borrowed it from didnt know he was gonna crank it and use it as a vocal amp - bass amp - stool - ladder... He never came to pick it back-up either so it was just trashed - drum stick thru the cone (after it had blown) it held the door open for a time too... I hate to think of how that lovely amp ended up - and I knew no better - just stood there and watched. cry
Hi !

I usually do not use the headphone/line output, but use more often the aux in from a small mixer. And the instrument input is more often connected to piezo discs that a "real" guitar... razz

Yes, one tone knob is serious limitation, not so nice.

FX are... well just digital integrated FX that you don't want really rely on but still useful...

But for me the most important is : the sound of the amp is nice, fitting to my synth/objects.
Very nice feature is the switch behind for 0.5/1.5/5W for saving batteries.

I hope this can help a bit.

ps: about the AC30 what an awful story !!! Dead Banana
I've got a Torres built Tiny Tone for sale:
Thanks Nuuj!

Looks like a very nice amp! Way beyond my current needs tho! Thank you and best of luck with the sale!

Thanks again Kalerne! I think the one tone option might put me off but Im going to drop in to my local guitar store and see if they have any Vox to demo! Your right about the AC30 story - I feel so crap that I didnt realise what was going on - not that that dude was a dick. He just acted the dick in this case!

When I was 9 or 10 I really wanted an electric guitar but my folks couldnt afford it or didnt think I'd stick with it. Getting one years later was the biggest life-changer for me so to this day it drives me NUTS to see guys smashing guitars on TV, at shows etc. That thing could mean so much to a kid who really wants one and they just go and break it! So it really irks me to think I didnt scream at that guy (although I was only 16 hanging out with 20/22 year olds)!
Floyd Pepper
If you know which end of the soldering iron to hold then try the Run Off Groove Ruby amp

If you want a Marshall or Fender tones then take your pick of Run Off Groove pre-amps to put in front of it Here

The Ruby runs off 9v and sounds great through my Marshall 4x12 Guinness ftw!
Thanks Floyd!

Therein lies the limits of my DIY knowledge - the gaps in my (self) education... the top pic on that site is like Chinese to me - the last three, I could prolly follow hihi

Ive built a Hex Schmitt noisebox or two, a few Arduinomes, SammichSID and Shruthi, a few f(h) kits but schematics are a foreign language to me!

shaft9000 - Im after something cheep and cheerful - these days I write on acoustic and have to go back and re-record my rough takes. Id like something mid end that would do for the demos Im making - something just sitting in place so the same tone I initially got would be what I can record. I get distracted/bored with my stuff fairly quick so having to re-do em means I throw a lot of stuff away...

Might not be a bad thing - quality control - if it survives two passes, I must like it!

thumbs up
mckenic wrote:
Unfortunately micing etc. is out as most of this will be done at night...

isolation cabinets by Randall, Demeter and Rivera are designed specifically for this. you can even make your own one

or you can use one of Palmer speaker simulators w/dummy loads. I used to use PGA04 a lot, it sounded pretty good from what i can remember.

but obviously nothing beats a miced amp
Found a guy locally that was selling one of these for €60:

Im quite surprised by it - nice and playable but it is a €60 amp! First test recording, just double tracked direct from the headphone out, no click or fx apart from reverb on the leadish part. Surprised that this outputs enough bass to give me problems recording... watch your speakers its bass heavy here anyway!!!

Thanks for all your suggestions folks - Im lusting after the Orange Crush - but this is here and its getting the job done so far!

thumbs up
i loved my little fender champion 600 when i had it, great tone!
ping panic
babaluma I was thinking about buying it, did you tried connecting a modular?
yeah, but i'd go through a reamp first, unless you want mega distortion.
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