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Free iPad Wireless MIDI app - Continuous keyboard controller
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Author Free iPad Wireless MIDI app - Continuous keyboard controller
Here's an entirely free app that turns your iPad into a wireless MIDI continuous keyboard controller for your modular or VSTs:

See the demo on Youtube:

Inspired by the Haken Continuum, but in simplified two octave form, the pellegrini space-time keyboard is an open-source program that runs within the Control environment available free in the iTunes app store.

The whole thing relies on your having a WiFi network and a computer with a MIDI interface. Setup is truly painless. Download the Control app to your iPad. If you have a Mac, you don't need any other software. For PC's you just have to install the free rtpMIDI driver which is very straightforward. Instructions are on the excellent Control website. Requires minimal computer skills. Really.

The way the keyboard works is through a combination of MIDI note and pitchbend messages. Upon initial touch, a MIDI "note on" message for the center key (from C0 to C7 depending on the octave setting) is sent, along with pitchbend info tuned to the particular key selected. Note that proper functioning relies on the receiving MIDI device (like your MIDI to CV converter) being calibrated to a pitchbend range of +/- 1 octave. When you move your finger without lifting, pitchbend information pertaining to the note "slide" is sent, along with programmable continuous controller messages proportional to the "y-axis" movement. Note that pitch information is precisely "auto-tuned" to the note in the scale being played when the user's touch moves vertically along a single key. Pitch information is also precisely "tuned" on first touch of a key. Otherwise, the player's touch freely selects continuous pitches within the two octave range. The touch end event sends a note off command. Octave up/down switches extend the playable range.

Use this link from within "Control" on your iPad to load the interface:

Eye candy of the synths used to make the video:

I hope you enjoy it,
thanks! very welcome.
I'm having some small issues connecting my iPad to OSCulator, it's connected but doesn't want to play ball. No matter I'll have an usb-midi cable soon, and will connect it straight to the midi-cv interface.
I hate the fact that you have to use OSC to run your iPad. What ever happened to plugging it in via USB? I would even go with bluetooth! So retarded.
Just to be clear, this app and other apps built on the "Control" platform do not require OSC. Here's the setup info for non-OSC MIDI.


Note: the following instructions are geared towards OS X which has RTPMIDI drivers built into the operating system. For wireless MIDI on Windows please go to this website where you can download drivers and read an excellent tutorial on how to use wireless MIDI. Please send me an email if you have info about wireless MIDI for Linux.

Make sure your device and your computer are on the same wireless network.
In OS X, open the Audio MIDI Setup application. Double click on the Network icon to open the MIDI Network Setup panel.
In the Network Setup panel, create a new session by hitting the + button under the “My Sessions” pane. Select the session you just created. We’ll assume you leave the name as “Session 1″ which is the default.
In the “Session” pane you’ll see info about the session you just created. Make sure the “Enabled” checkbox is checked.
Launch Control. Select the Destinations tab.
You should see the IP address of your computer and the port specified in the Session pane. Select this from the list.
Select the Interfaces tab and choose the DJ interface.
Launch a MIDI app on your computer and select the MIDI input “Network (Session 1)” or possibly just “Session 1″.
If you start manipulating the widgets in the interface you should receive MIDI messages in the app running on your computer.

The demo has nothing to do with OSC. Just MIDI.
This app is so amazing!
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