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frequencycentral Sonic Death Ray 14 Stage Phaser Limited Run
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Author frequencycentral Sonic Death Ray 14 Stage Phaser Limited Run
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I’m pretty obsessed with phasers, built dozens, searched and searched for the ‘most swooshy’, didn’t ever find it – so I designed it! Most phasers stop at 4 stages, a few dare to go to 6 or maybe 8 – Sonic Death Ray is a 14 stage FET based phaser with some nice added extras.

Firstly, there are multiple regen taps available, sending the phased signal back to an earlier stage of the phaser for sonic emphasis – this is not a feature found on any other phaser I’m aware of, and a phaser needs to have a large number of stages to make it a viable option to add. In Sonic Death Ray the regen path can be selected over 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 stages by using the Regen Taps rotary switch in combination with the Parity Switch. Each and every regen tap makes the unit sound like a different flavour of phaser – really versatile.

Secondly, Sonic Death Ray features Parity Modulation, found on no other phaser in the World. A second LFO allow the number of stages in the regen path to be toggled automatically between an odd and even number, imprinting another layer of cool on an already cool effect. Sometimes it’s like adding a kind of vibrato on top the phasing, sometimes it’s like the thing is talking! Parity Modulation has it’s own footswitch – it deserves no less.

When I first built this phaser I swore never to build another, because it’s a huge circuit (and therefore a tight build), and because I have to match 14 FETs for each unit – no mean feat in itself. But I’ve bowed to demand and am now offering a limited run of a maximum of 10 units. 8 are already spoken for. The production run is going to differ from the prototype – I’m using a bigger enclosure to make for and easier build. Each enclosure will be hand sanded/hand etched/hand painted and will look similar in artwork to the pedal shown below (which is not a Sonic Death Ray, but an uber-delay).

Here’s a couple of demos to give you an idea of what this baby can do. Signal path: Tele Custom (bridge HB) >>> (Big Muff on the dirty bits) >>> Sonic Death Ray >>> VJ Clone >>> Shure SM58. th-Ray-Demo-1.mp3 th-Ray-Demo-2.mp3

Each of the numbered run of Sonic Death Ray will cost £275 GBP plus shipping. This is a strictly limited run on a first come first served basis. Please contact me by PM or via my website if you would like to reserve one for yourself.

those sure are purty SlayerBadger!
Beautiful sounding - and looking - work!

Best of luck with them - wish I had the funds!
email sent. I'd love one of those.
very very nice. I too wish I had funds
Recorded some fun with the Sonic Death Ray last night. This is a great pedal. Can't wait for the dual phasor.


This is what the production version looks like by the way:

And here's a soundclip done by my tame shredmaster Rich Russell

Sonic Death Ray soundclip

The dual phaser which Richard refers to is this one:

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