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Sourcing Banana Cables?
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Author Sourcing Banana Cables?
Hey all. I'm new to the modular world and have recently acquired some banana-jack modules. I'm wondering where folks in the US are sourcing bananas from, and which ones are preferred.

Tom Bugs had suggested, and they do have quite the variety. Are folks using PVC coated or silicon coated? And which rating? They seem to offer a variety in each. g-1835.htm

I also found these 10 packs at Jameco which are a good bit less expensive, but they wouldn't match the Bugbrand color scheme. Anyone have any experience with these? 842_-1

Any input would be much appreciated. Cheers all.
Your links need some fixing.

Those cables from TestPath seem a bit pricey at $4+.

Have you considered buying jacks and wire, and soldering your own?
Thanks for the input here fellas. Those both look like viable options.

And links fixed.
Cat-A-Tonic wrote:
Have you considered buying jacks and wire, and soldering your own?

Them ones ain't stackable though - which totally defeats the purpose!
(nice colour range though!)

The ones I supply are quite cheap but are of good quality - it is a balance - and I tried all the ones on offer around here to determine the best price-vs-quality - Rapid do some slightly cheaper parts but having tested them I wouldn't want to use them.

Here are two threads with some links / info:

I think that the 'regular' pomona ones are Silicone - I'm sure someone has said in the path that getting PVC coated ones is short sighted but I've never had any problems. (ie PVC will become brittle over time?)

Cheers, Tom
Jameco patch cords --

I bought a couple packs of these when I was starting down the banana road (only really a year and a half ago!). They've been entirely acceptable for my uses, so I'd recommend them as good value for the money. They aren't quite as heavy-duty feeling as the Pomonas, but unless you're planning on treating them roughly they should hold up fine.

Thanks for the links Tom. Couldn't seem to turn those up via search on my own.

And good to know FrankV. That Jameco pack caught my eye for sure. Good to have someone with on-the-ground experience chiming in here. Thank you.
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