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Gate Divider
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Author Gate Divider
I mounted 3 of the Liquid Hi hat prototypes into my cabinet, and was playing around with them over the weekend,
as I was tweaking them I thought it would be nice to be able to trigger them independently, but synchronized, on different beats. I tried it with a couple of LFO's, and it worked (sort of) but it took forever to get the timing right, so I decided to design a module to do it better.
I figured the best bet would be to build some kind of divider circuit, so I started going through my Electronotes papers, looking for one, then I thought "what the hell am I doing?, I can do this with a microprocessor" so I got out the PIC data sheets and settled on the 16F88, it had everything I needed, I drew up the PCB saturday night, wrote the program sunday night and designed the panel last night.
This is what I came up with.
I call it a gate divider, because that is kind of what it does.
The module has 8 outputs that put out 5v when activated, there are two modes of operation NORMAL and STROBED
In Normal mode the outputs are activated sequentially on different pulses of the clock, for example
Pulse 1 - output 1 on
Pulse 2 - output 1&2 on
Pulse 3 - output 1&3 on

Now here is where it gets interesting

Pulse 4 - output 1/2/4 on
Pulse 5 - 1&5 on
Pulse 6 - 1/2/3/4/6 on
Pulse 7 - 1&7 on
Pulse 8 - 1/2/4/6/8 on

So you see output 2 comes on on every second pulse, output 3 come on every third pulse and so on.
In Strobe mode, it simply activates the outputs sequentially from 1-8 on each clock cycle.

There are 3 ways to clock the module, each one has two ranges X1 or X10
1- Internal Uses the panel mount Rate knob.
2- External, there are two external modes, Gate and Clock
In gate mode, the clock cycles each time it receives a gate signal from an external source, the length of the on time. is controlled by the "Rate" knob.
In Clock mode, the module takes it's timing from an external signal, either a square or pulse wave, the width of the pulse determines the on/off times.

I added a Reset input, so if you only want to cycle the first four outputs, you can plug a patch cord from output 5 to the reset, to start at 1 again. I also added LED's for visual status of each outputs state.

The next step is to breadboard the circuit, to test out the programming, I am hoping to get at that in the next few weeks.
I like that idea!

One addition suggestion: include a dual input AND and/or NAND summing section. That way, you could get nice combinations with an odd step added to another odd or even step. smile

(Wishing I had a PIC burner. I'd be relearning to program and blowing my own designs into PICs as well.)
Nice! Nice! Nice! SlayerBadger! w00t I'm impressed with your Renaissance Man tackling of the problems: PICs, Panel Design, Circuit Design, etc.

Is there any way to add a 'none-too-expensive or complicate' Burst generator for the outputs? Something like 4-bursts? Or Selectable? Probably entirely too ambitious.
Would the gate in kind of do that?

I really like the idea behind this module!

One (dumb) question about gate mode, I assume it works the same with external clock as well as internal?

I agree that some logic would make a great addition, altho a 1U wide companion module might be better, that way users can have as much or as little logic as they require.

With or without logic there are some great ideas rolled into this module, sign me up for one!
any and all dividers are welcome!
Thanks for the compliments guys.
I am maxed out on this PIC so I can't really add any more options, I even had to dump the Master Clear, so I could use the pin as the reset input, which means the only way I can add a global reset, is to turn the power off.

DGTom wrote:

One (dumb) question about gate mode, I assume it works the same with external clock as well as internal?

Not exactly, in internal mode the on/off length of the outputs is controlled by the Rate knob.
In external mode the on time is set by the Rate knob, but the next stage is not activated until it receives the next gate signal.

I think I am going to have to go to one of the 28 pin PICs, I have a couple more options I would like to add, and need more I/O pins.
The circuit, as is, will do what I want for now, I'll just use this one to debug the main program, and look at expanding it later on.
I'm signing up for the "not asked for Beta testers" request. wink (I.E. Just burn and send me a chip and I'll do the PCB and panel, for testing / further features suggestions; additions of my own with feedback / etc.)
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