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RACK-O-MATIC on ModuleMaker for RackPlanner
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Author RACK-O-MATIC on ModuleMaker for RackPlanner
I figured this tool should have it's own thread.

RackPlanner comes with some XML files and rack images. To start working in a new format you need one of each.
The RACK-O-MATIC tool is part of ModuleMaker and allows you to setup a RackPlanner rack of any size in any of the supported formats very quickly.

Currently suporting these formats:

I can add more if given accurate specs for hole placement and other dimensions.

The image generator's 'Positions per row' feature is something I meant to put in there a while back but somehow overlooked.

I have more images of our gear to upload for use in this program - where can I upload to and what format/size would you like them in?

The simplest thing to do is go to the ModuleMaker and build a module for each one. Leave the "NO" checkbox unchecked and next time I go there to moderate new additions I'll send them along to the library.

Images should have no border around them and not be skewed. Scaling need not be exact but something approximating 100 dpi is good. Euro's about 5" tall so something close to 500px tall is in the ballpark. Anything enormous it will be rejected. Use your web-friendly product shots. They get converted to jpeg if they aren't already.

You've got three in there so far.

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