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soft sync hard sync - phase locked loop, doepfer a196
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Author soft sync hard sync - phase locked loop, doepfer a196

Sorry in advance for the strange question..

Just checking to see if anyone knows how to achieve different types of syncronization (syncing a master osc to a slave osc) using additional modules - I'm thinking that the master oscillator signal could be modified before it goes to the sync of the slave, thus providing different types of sync.

Has anyone tried using the Doepfer A-196 in a frac setup? I wonder if it would respond fully, that is, if the frac voltage (cv and otherwise) would allow the a196 to function the way it should.

Any ideas for modules like the Doepfer a196 in frac format? Perhaps a Comparator would get me some cool sync sounds?
a comparator and some slew will get you a good part of the way there i think. maybe the comparator would have some different settings/response types? i would use a vc slew and slope detector to bs a a196pll in my rig. the slope detector tracks well up into audio frequencies.
Blacet Window Comparator is a great VC variable sync tool.

I don't know about the voltage levels on the A-196 PLL,
but with all the attenuation, ampification, and offsets available in Blacet designs you should be good to go in any case.
A bar graph is useful in getting your voltage scalings set up right.
_most_ frac modules should output voltages the 196 can use...

my old Blacet Frequency Divider outputs greater than 12V so it spazzes a few euro modules out...

The 196 should work fine on 15V as well, check with Doepfer first tho, its just CMOS so it should be ok.

But yeah. I like the 196 for this stuff alot, with the 163 VC Divider & /or a shift register based module (like the 117, CGS digital noise or gated comparator etc.)

2 VCOs into 196, 196 clocking the digital noise, then digi noise back to the sync inputs makes for some nice glitchy sounds.

sticking a binary zone inbetween the master VCO & sync in is cool as well.
I need to do some research on comparators, slews, slope detectors, and vc dividers and their uses to achieve different types of syncro. Feel free to post your ideas on how they work.

Wikipedia indicates several types of soft sync and I'm just trying to wrap my head around how they can be achieved, and what they'd sound like.
I posted a couple of short clips using two Blacet and one Oakley VCO's, with lfo and s&h in case you want to take a listen.

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