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lemur sequencer
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Author lemur sequencer
how flash is this??

Lemurs look awfully cool, and I've almost bought one a few times...however, as a sequencer, it seems to be pretty basic. Of course, the functionality of that sequencer program may go well beyond what you're seeing there, but if so, I've never heard about it. It does look really cool.

Interesting that the way of working is really very similar to the basics of working with the Octopus...
wow .. as i understand it the lemur can run any software folk choose to make for it so is very openended...

their daw contrller looks great as well

i think its the wave of the future smile[/video]
god knows what this dude is doing but it looks fun mad mad mad
Muff Wiggler
heheh i heard those things are a crazy price, like $5000 or so

i think a monome would be a lot of fun to have, not really similar at all but this got me thinking about it
They usually sell for $2,999 these days.
Muff Wiggler
nice to see you posting Gene 8)

ah that's far better than I thought

still way outta my league though

if I had that kinda dosh to blow I think I'd get an Octopus, really would like to find a Notron...

and my mind keeps coming back to Monome anyway!
i'm planning to get a monome to control my modular - i'm not really a traditional keyboard fan - i've never used one with my current system. not sure if i'm going for the 128 or 64 button version yet - i think the 128 would be cool as it would lend itself to sequencing type applications very well. there are some applications on the monome site that would work for modular control but i'm going to get the new new max/msp when it comes out next year and make some patches for myself with that.

I get me a bonus to play around with at the end of usual, I'm obsessing on what to get, but the last couple of years, the Lemur has almost made the cut. It might this year - that demo was rather convincing...
Muff Wiggler
gotta admit that it definately was

i also get a nice bonus, and then a REALLY nice tax refund, both in the spring, and can always pick up some extra nice stuff

i was thinking Octopus, but I think I'm gonna do three Wiard 300 series modules instead (Wogglebug, Sequantizer, Omni Filter)
I picked up my Octopus as part of last year's bonus...but yeah - some high end modular stuff is also attractive for me. One of my ideas is to just forget about buying anything else, and start on a Buchla.
Muff Wiggler
yeah that's a thought i keep coming to as well. I think in about 5 years I'll actually make that transition, at least if they are still making 200e's
ive eyeballed the lemur, but im not really into coding/programming, so im holding off on the interfaces that require that (eg the monome--but it looks really cool anyway and i plan on getting one someday, before they are unobtanium--the monome that is). i think the lemur looks fantastic but it is cutting edge and thus very expensive for what it does. give it a couple years and those surfaces will be down below $1000 (i predict), particularly with the availability of the m$ surface. a friend of mine is picking up a developer job for the surface soon--i cant wait to see what he will be working on.

ive started in on full-on DIY though. i just ordered all my panel parts for the klee sequencer and im building the boards up now. it really looks like a fresh, revolutionary design and im excited.
yeah - one thing that that held me back from buying the lemur is that I expect that this kind of thing will be much cheaper, and sooner rather than later. Yet, 2 years after I first considered one, there is no competition for it, and I've been without one for that time. It's my understanding also that there is lots of software already written for it, so you don't really need to get into coding in MAX if you don't want to. Those Klee sequencers sound interesting - wish I were competent at diy stuff.
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