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Very excited (Tube Screamer stuff.....)
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Author Very excited (Tube Screamer stuff.....)
Muff Wiggler
Well, after using quite a few of them, and wanting one for ages, I've finally got "the tube screamer of my dreams" ordered up.

Yesterday I ordered a modded Maxon OD9 from

Maxon built the TS-808 Tube Screamer for Ibanez in the late 70's/early 80's. Ibanez now has someone doing them for cheaper.

The Maxon units are built in the same factory as the original TS-808, and apparently closer to the original than the current Ibanez ones, and also feature true-bypass and higher quality PCB and components.

Analogman does a large mod on it, where the whole thing is modded to the exact specs of the original TS-808.

Anyway, I got one on the way - really excited. I'm about to buy a new amp as well, in a few weeks I'll be in guitar rig heaven.....
the only analog overdrive pedal ive got is a ts-9. i need to go home and check when it was issued, now that ive found the analogman page on it.

does anyone use their pedals on their synths? ive been using the ts9 here and there on my modular and i like the sound a lot.

anyone use a ts9dx turbo? comparisons? like/dislike?
Yeah those things are fun 8)
Stick it up your TM-1!
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