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Post pics of your guitar/bass/amp/pedal setup!
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Author Post pics of your guitar/bass/amp/pedal setup!
hello Kent.

is that Gibson amp the GA-RVT 79 or thereabouts??

i love those old Gibson amps, i've been after The Falcon for sometime.
love love love
Muff Wiggler

Top Row (All Muff-based pedals):

Ronsound Hairpie Classic w/3-way Mids Switch
Ronsound Hairpie '75
Euthymia ICBM Fuzz
Skreddy Lunar Module
EH Big Muff Pi NYC Reissue

Second Row From Top

Homemade Feedback Loop Pedal
Devi Ever 'Bees Please' (Custom Dual Clean Boost)
Effector 13 Soda Meiser Flipswitch Version (Built by Josh Holley)
Effector 13 Vintage Fuzz Maker Flipswitch Version (custom graphics)
EH Switch Blade 1970's
EH Small Clone Chorus Reissue
EH Small Stone Phaser 1976
EH Electronic Metronome 1978

Second Row From Bottom

Ibanez Modulation Delay II
ReAmp v2
Catalinbread Silver Kiss Mk. II
BugBrand MicroBugCrusher
ZVex Fuzz Factory Green Sparkle
thesquarewaveparade Teaspoon Special Edition
Dwarftcraft Devices The Great Destroyer v1.3
Swart Atomic Boost
EH Q-Tron+

Bottom Row

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
Analogman Custom Active Buffer/AB Switcher
Demeter Opto Compulator
Analogman Maxon OD-9 "Silver Mod"
Analogman Juicer Compressor (Orange Squeezer Based)
Tech 21 Double Drive
EH Tube Zipper
EH Bass Micro Synth Reissue
Muff Wiggler
Oops, forgot one

EH Hog's Foot Bass Booster 1976

Muff Wiggler
oh and speaking about basses how could I forget the one that takes up the most space?

about 30 years old, Czech plywood 7/8th size bass, really good quality for plywood, arched back and all

Muff Wiggler
i also like to jam All Bllues on mine 8)

in fact it's the first thing I ever learned to play on the bass, always been my go-to tune

Ron Carter ftw! SlayerBadger!
Please tell us about the EH Tube Zipper.
In this thread or a new one if you like/think it best.
I've always been curious about that one.
A sound sample would be great. Coffee Addiction FTW
Muff Wiggler
glad you asked about that, in my opinion it's the most interesting and impressive EH product ever... really unique and hard to describe, but let me try...

as far as I understand it, it's this -

First there's an envelope follower, before anything else so it'll pick up a clean envelope pre-distortion of your picking dynamics.

then there's a tube boost, you can use it pretty much clean, or then if you increase the knob a bit, as a mild-to-roaring tube boost-overdrive-distortion. You can leave all the filtering and lfo'ing and envelope following out of the mix, and just use it as a distortion

following the boost, there is basically a tube version of a Q-Tron. Which is a modernization of the Mu-Tron III. Which is basically the envelope generator linked to the cutoff of a funky, quacky multimode filter.

Using this part of the Tube Zipper, you can leave the distortion off, and dial up a pretty good envelope-wah, however it's not as clean as the Q-Tron/Mu-Tron/Dr.Q style envelope filter we all know and love. It's dirtier and grittier and tubey-er.

Of course you can mix the two and get some really gnarly blends of screeching distortion into envelope filter.

Finally there's an LFO that can be used in the "TRILL" mode, that seems to be linked to the filter cutoff through a vca that is controlled by the envelope filter. This LFO also seems to be somoewhat slightly linked to the filter's output, because when the filter gets really hot and starts oscillating, it causes the LFO to 'latch on' more strongly (increasing the VCA), as well as to modulate the speed of the LFO.

Now here's where it gets interesting. The unit can be made to self-oscillate like most filters, just by increasing the resonance control. however there's so much sweep from the envelope followers, it's easy to setup the unit in a way that you can cause the filter to self oscillate by playing hard, and then the oscillations tame out and go away as you play softer.... hard to explain but if you ever need to make the sounds of a space battle while using your guitar this works well.

i can try to make some recordings after this next round of travel ends (getting ready to head out tomorrow), i've been having a lot of fun lately using it with my modular through the stilon adapter
Thanks for the review Muff. Tube Zipper sounds tastey.
Take it easy out there on the road/in the air.
Moog$FooL$ wrote:
hello Kent.

is that Gibson amp the GA-RVT 79 or thereabouts??

i love those old Gibson amps, i've been after The Falcon for sometime.
love love love

Yes, sir. That's the one. Probably the last amp that I'd part with out of my collection. The other three rarities are a 1964 Ampeg Reverb-o-Rocket, 1969 Ampeg Portaflex B-12XT, & 1972 Orange OR120 Combo with original 30 Watt Celestions.

All of these amps sound so different from each other.
Muff Wiggler
Clearing out my camera's memory, here's a pic of the latest pedal additions over the last little while

Wow! You jumped on that Blackstone with a quickness! Thoughts?
Muff Wiggler
Kent wrote:
Wow! You jumped on that Blackstone with a quickness! Thoughts?

Yes I did 8_)

(btw, I fixed that coolguy smiley for you.....)

I think it's fantastic and leaves all other OD's I've tried behind in the dust. I find all the tubescreamers and their ilk are nice for a BIT of drive, but they aren't going to give you that 'blasting tube amp' effect in a box.

Now, neither does the Blackstone. Nothing does except for a pushed tube amp cranked and pushing around a pile of air.

But..... The Blackstone gets far, far, far closer than any pedal I have tried before. It actually works better than I had expected it to - I'm very happy with it.

Complaints - in buffered mode, it's a little less reactive, more samey...this is ok and was expected....however I need to add a bit of boost (my #1 guitar has very weak output pickups) in order to get the Blackstone to 'roar' in an acceptable way, so I need to put at least my compressor in front of it, which means buffered mode. Not a big deal

Here's what gets me the most though - the internal pregain trimpot. The manual warns that if you turn it all the way up, you may get oscillation. And you do, so the manual is right.

However, also when it is ALL the way up, you only get oscillation when there's no signal, you bust a big fat chord, the oscillation goes away (for a while) and when it is cranked like this, here's where you get the best and most realistic and powerful overdrive sound from this pedal. Just awesome. I want to leave it fully cranked, because the sound is JUST what I want. But the oscillation is too much. Noise gate? Ok, but I don't like gated guitars.

Anyway, well worth the money - very very satisfied with this, and it is outperforming my expectations. Having two channels is awesome. I have brown set to 'just a little brown' and red set to DESTROY. Loving it.

Mind you, this mini-review is based on about 1 hour I got to try it before leaving for the airport. d'oh! So I can't say I'm overly experienced, but that's my current thoughts. Thanks a million for suggesting this, it's making me very happy SlayerBadger!
SlayerBadger! Coffee Addiction FTW SlayerBadger!

u know, one of the things i love about this forum, it's when we talk of guitars, pedals & amps!!!! nice to take a break from modulars.

muff said: I think it's fantastic and leaves all other OD's I've tried behind in the dust. I find all the tubescreamers and their ilk are nice for a BIT of drive, but they aren't going to give you that 'blasting tube amp' effect in a box.

i say: have u tried the ZVEX box o rock??? i hate to be a zvex homer, but that pedal is actually really great, imho. for me it made all the tubescreamers completely obsolete.

my little guitar noisemaking board. nothing as rare as many of you gents, though.
Some really tasty stuff in this thread so far.

Not pictured is a zvex wah probe and a re201 space echo (love ) The fuzz face was a custom job by MJM with some funky germ. transistors I haven't seen before.

Too many other amps, not pictured.

Been moving the studio around, here's some of the pedal collection:

Possessed dachshunds get the best tone.
Muff Wiggler
well little update, mostly as I emptied my camera's memory for the first time in a while...

some recent pedal arrivals in the last few months:

Analogman Chorus with all the extras - blend trimpot, depth switch, speed CV input and stereo outs. Got this to power my stereo amp setup and WOW am I happy with that big, 3D sound.

Analogman King of Tone v4 w/external 3-way mode toggle for the red side.

Fridgebuzzz Land of the Rising Fuzzz, purchased from Mr. Fridgebuzzz himself who is a member of this forum. This thing is outrageous fun, it's a Shin-Ei clone and makes me sound just like the Jesus and Mary Chain, which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for SlayerBadger!

thesquarewaveparade Teaspoon CAS. Only one pictured but I love this thing so much I ordered a second one and use the pair for stereo drum machine mangling. Absolutely priceless and wins the award for most stuff crammed into a small space. Amazing!

Now these next pics were posted in other threads here, but since this is the "show your setup" thread I'll repost a couple here.

First of all, I added a second Swart amp, it's a custom-specced AST Mk.II head and custom 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion Blue's...

I pair it up with my AST combo and run them both in stereo...

Lots more pics of these beauties in the "Swart Amp Porn" thread if you are interested.

And finally I picked up an acoustic steel string after lots of looking for the right one. It's a Guild. I love it to bits. Lots more pics in the Guild thread as well if you're interested.

Hi Guys, what a nice thread ...

I have quite some standard stuff really, few guitars, a basse, amps a drumkit and things ( yeah i like a bit of everything Rockin' Banana! )

my outstanding stuff would be :

My Emily the strange epiphone - I've added some seymour duncan invaders pick ups - i love it :

My Austrian Cithare ( I'm not playing it, it's an Antique ... I should get rid of it but well ... do you know a lot of Cithare player ??? )

and my beloved indian Sitar !
Muff Wiggler
seems silly to keep updating this thread with my pedal purchases but hey.

I got rid of my Silver Kiss because I really didn't like it. The guy who took it is supposed to send me a Cherry Pop in return, but still hasn't and I'm getting worried. He's not a user here though, and I'm not yet ready to call him out. I did make the trade on a forum where I've been ripped off twice in the past, so shame on me really.

And I recently got this gem from Whyterabbyt:

Got me an octave doubler! screaming goo yo

A few of my guitars and my rig nothing amazing and not great pics but you get that
This is my beautiful hand-made guitar, that my friend and band mate have made for me couple of years ago. Her name is Slablastla Okla, we both have designed it, it's made of local woods, and have a long 709 mm scale. Even the pickups are hand-wound to my specs. I absolutely adore it, every other guitar sounds like crap to me after playing this one.

Not all of these amps are mine, just the Fender Pro Reverb on he right.
In addition to twisting knobs, I'm a bass player (kinda - like with the modular I'm mostly making noise rather than playing pop tunes...)

On the left, a natural Ibanez BTB550,mostly unused since I laid my hands on the G&L SB-1 sitting in the center.

The blue light from the power tubes gives some really nice shot, so here's a photo of the four 6L6 in my Ampeg V4-B :
i have a very modest pedal setup here:

at the back is the fromel seraph deluxe dimensional chorus, in front of that is the germanium fuzzface made for me by haiku-ish (thanks, it's amazing!). they are perched on top of the zerotronics coolsprings le stereo spring reverb. on the left is a boss dm-2, and on the right a reamp.

not visible are the avalon u5 d.i., ebow, or the guitars themselves!

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