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So... Guitars and ampsims.... done to death yet? hehe
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Author So... Guitars and ampsims.... done to death yet? hehe
OK.... So we all know about the HUGE thread on KVR about poor-old Rene's ampsim...... BUT

There are plenty more to discuss..... including....

An oldie, but maybe goodie......... DSOUND stuff.... now called Audiffex

So, I checked out the demo and I must say, the clean stuff sounds pretty alright. As per usual, the high gain is a bit weird (and we all know RVII is KING in this dept. anyways)

If peeps are interested, I'll post some samples here

O/wise, check out the demo for yerselfs. It's called "inTone Guitar Pro" now:



NOTE: I may be a beta dude for RVII, but I have ZERO connection with DSOUND dudes..... Just checked out their stuff in the good 'ole days and didn't 4get..... hehe
i think gtr amp sims are the work of a christian sect trying to kill the spirit of rock and roll and hence rob the devil of all his intresting victories

i mean what is the point of them? they all suk

a nice gtr amp is one of the most wonderful things in the world



why !!!

(sorry i realise this is not the expected response)

evil evil evil evil evil
I dont have a problem with guitar amp simulators, I have always had fun with them.
I use everything now, but for crunchy generic CRUNCH CRUNCH I like getting lazy with the POD XT.
I do have some other fun with it, but I think in general they are all useful in some way.

The MCDSP Chrome Tone is pretty cool. I have messed around with it a little.

Most of this track is all run through the POD XT

Pro One into the POD is cool.
I bet I dont have to say how I feel...but in case there are non kvr folk here simply put...amps are good and amp sims are good. I can't see it as an either/or debate, both have their place and their benefits. I do think the "sim" part should be dropped, I dont care what amp it's suppose to sound like, I just care about what it sounds like. I do live in a place where I can't effectively crank an amp without disturbing others, but I have built a dead box. Still I use my PODxt live often as a result and I also have a lot of luck using a Marshall 9000 tube pre-amp I have combined with just a cab in the pod. From a sansamp to a half stack I'll use what works best for what I'm working on. I doubt I'll ever stop checking out new amps (or new old amps), sims or whatever the future holds....any port in a storm.
i unfortunately don't even have an amp but i was doing endless research on what to get and i realized i don't want anything but clarity and lots of gain from whatever amp i end up with.

using modulars for getting distortion, crunchyness, etc. etc. is all good by me. wouldn't have it any other way. definately understand the personal preference thing though.

i think that's one problem with stating your opinion to people(especially online) is you start to kinda believe your way is holier than thou. but the reality is there is no right or wrong. it's art at the end of the day and no one can really say what is and isn't art. eye of the beholder for sure.
twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted
All I use for amp types and shit are...... I use a VOX valvetronix 100 for all the majority of the cab sims and such (IMMENSLY UNDERATED AMP I THINK!) fucker rips.... so loud... so much nice clean power or it can be a devil machine set to rape little 2 year old kitties.....

I also uses a Zoom 505 pedal for amp cabs and such... as well as Izotope Trash which is a FUCKING FANTASTIC PLUGIN!!!!
Muff Wiggler
i've never used an amp sim that i liked

closest thing -

I use a SansAmp "Classic" for guitar. I don't think it's meant as an "amp sim" so much as a flexible DI. Next to using an actual amp, this is the best approach I've found. Tried Pods, other hardware, software, all leave me cold.

For bass, I have a SansAmp Bass Driver DI. I cannot speak highly enough about this - it sounds FANTASTIC in all applications. Sometimes even better than using a bass amp.
Chuck E. Jesus
how did i miss this thread?

i just started using Sonar 7 Studio Edition after losing my battle of patience with Tracktion 3, and it comes with an amp sim called, amazingly enough, "Amp Sim" and it does a serviceable version of what a guit amp sounds like, but it's not a guit amp...but i don't have to mic it, and i can get some decent stuff out of it, i'm sure it would be good for certain overdubs and such...i've also tried Amplitube LE (comes with Tracktion), and i noticed that a decaying note sounds exactly like a digital filter sweeping downward...not necessarily a bad thing in all cases, but i just can't stop hearing it that way, and i won't run a guit thru it on principle...i also have the little Korg guit and bass amp sim boxes, and they are cool for playing thru a boom box and such, i got them on closeout for i think 40 bucks each...again, not amps, but they do work ok and perhaps could be useful for something or other....i tried a Sans Amp years ago, and thought they were cool, but it was years ago ....

but nothing is going to sound like a real amp, and i mean tube amp...solid state almost sounds fake to me, it just doesn't have the same sound and feel....although i have a solid state Peavey bass head that sounds way cool, i dunno...BUT: if you can't make noise at your place, i believe it's possible to get useable stuff from amp sims, just depends on the player and how they use it i suppose....

reminds me, i still got to bring my twin in for servicing...luckily i can make a bit of noise here on occasion, and it's about time i take advantage grin
Muff Wiggler
moved to the guitar forum!
and a lovely forum it is.....
My 2 cents:
Do I like amp sims (hardware sims included)? No, not really.

Am I glad that amp sims exist (particularly software ones)? Yes definitely!

I would probably never choose an amp sim over a real amp when strictly playing the guitar and probably 85% of the time when recording guitar, but amp sims are wonderful FXs to add on drums, random percussion, vocals, or anything really. Being able to just click an amp sim into one of those tracks is a serious advantage over actually tracking it (or using a hardware insert after the fact). Almost all amp sims work in STEREO too! You don't have to sum your drums to mono before tracking it through the Marshall.

Granted, that's not as cool as actually digging out the Reamp and running tracks through your amp, and it probably wouldn't have the same vibe you get (I lump amp sims in with cab+mic+room sims as well...not as good as the real thing) but it's certainly a lot less hassle. Plus, if it's just another sound in the mix, no one's probably gonna notice. If it was a monster drum break in the middle of the song that needed to tear your nuts off, that's a different story wink
I haven't found an amp sim yet that sounds better than an SM-57 pointed at even the Crate amp you can get at a pawn shop for $70. Once in a while I try to talk myself into plug-in amps and synths, then realize that I was just being lazy.

They can be nice as signal processors, though. I like iZotope trash for really messing with stuff.
i'm gonna have to say i would love a real amp. and will definately get one as soon as possible but plugins in general are not an interest. i'm not big on emulation of anything. i just feel if you ain't got it just do something else.

i record direct and it's okay. someday i'll record with a mic to amp situation. in the meantime i'll compensate for not having one by just making the track as good as i can.
I am a keyboardist, so what do I really know about guitar amps, but the IK Amplitube stuff is the most realistic that I have used. Most amp sims don't seem to have the "touch sensitivity" of a real amp, so they don't sound as musical to me, but the amplitube plugins seem to have modeled that somewhat better to my ears.

I just got a Little Labs reamp box, so in the future I will be doing a lot more comparisons between amp sims and the real thing...this should be interesting!


Zombie Thread Reanimation FTW!!! nanners nanners nanners

Little Labs is good shite. I roll with the PCP distro and shove stuff though real amplifuckers all the time. I'm from the camp that believes that "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting" and that it is the end result that matters. Especially for synths; I'm down with 'use and abuse'.

Did I mention that I'm drinking? Guinness ftw!
Chuck E. Jesus
Kent wrote:
Zombie Thread Reanimation FTW!!! nanners nanners nanners

no shit...i did get my Twin fixed since then but i now i mostly use GR3 hihi

Kent wrote:
Did I mention that I'm drinking? Guinness ftw!

i just assumed...
For the stuff I do, which tends towards the cleanish, I haven't yet met an amp modeler that responds as dynamically as I like. I've never played with anything ITB though, I'm talking about the hardware modelers, your Pods, Yamahas, Line6 amps, and such. I've owned a bunch of them, a Pod, 2 or 3 different Yamaha large-pedal modelers, and an early Spider combo. I gave them all a few months of playing and tweaking but always went back to tubes.

Since I got my Kimock Sig back from the shop with dual tube rectifiers installed, I think I finally have a grip on what's still missing, and sadly it comes down to the same tired old analog/digital argument. With all of the modelers, no matter how much I tweak them, if I'm playing with a lot of dynamics and a strong right hand, there's always a breaking point where the amp model can't respond to a sudden big swing in attack. It hits the wall somewhere and the amp gives me back a sound where my reaction is to back off a bit, less right hand, turn back the guitar volume, take a pedal out of the chain, something. It's distracting. With the tube rectos, the Kimock hits the wall SO gracefully I never get that, even if I kick on a bunch of pedals and 20dB of boost. It just takes it and keeps singing. Same with my little single-ended, tube rectified amps. Once you dial them in for a certain level of gain and volume, it doesn't matter what you do upstream with pedals or a heavy picking hand, they just roll with it.

DISCLAIMER: for ripping things up and making a big holy thrashy sound, sure, all of the hardware modelers I've used were king shit. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the modelers catch up for the clean stuff, at which point I'll just be the old fart in the corner clinging to my tired prejudices.

Also, I hear people I trust absolutely raving about the Fractal Audio AxeFX, but hell, for that kind of coin you could get a used Two Rock!
i hate "amp sims" for guitars (i have a real amp fo that), but sometimes they sound good used on other fake hardware such as "synth sims", ew! MY ASS IS BLEEDING

my favourite was always the simulanalog guitar suite.
You can get some good sounds out of them, especailly when they have a good sounding preamp put before them. Amp sims deffinetly have their uses. Acoustic guitar - mic - pre - amp sim can do some wonderful things, or an amp sim on a recorded good amp. If you want the sound of a guitar amp do not use an amp sim, use an amp, if you want to get good sounds and are not worried about being kosher, use what ever works.

With that said, there is something about the interaction of guitar and amp that a simulator will never reproduce. Those notes just at the edge of feedback, the notes feeding back, the dead notes killed by the ones feeding back, about to feedback, your pant legs flapping in the breeze. The modulations, interaction with amp hum and hiss (any amp sims have hum and hiss yet?) all that great stuff!.The guitar is coupled by the air to the amp, you change this relation with your orientation and technique. If you can simulate that you are wasting your gift designing such things, go win a nobel prize in physics or something.

In the end I think of amp sims as an effect, a filter/preamp/distortion, not as a source and an instrument as I think of amps.
IF I was not an apartment dweller in a city ......
I'd buy a Dr Z Maz Jr. with a Brake Light built in.

However Pod 2 Pod XT live 2, Pod 3 work for me under the reality of
my bedroom studio, and honestly I get a better sound than I could recording with a mic , cry it's true.

now If my playing would just improve.
What I want to know is where are the decent BASS amp sims?

I have GR3 and how many bass amps? One and not a great one at that.

Bloody guitarists get all the nice toys very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating
a100user wrote:
What I want to know is where are the decent BASS amp sims?

I have GR3 and how many bass amps? One and not a great one at that.

Bloody guitars get all the nice toys very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating

Forget simulators. Find a good preamp like an Ampeg SVTIIP (which is a single rack space) and you are or should be in bass heaven.

I find the original SansAmp rack to be usable on bass as well.

If you are always gonna be dirty then: Bass Microsynth, Mutron III, Whammy Pedal and a Brass Master makes up for a nice selection of groovy tonal goodness.
Chuck E. Jesus
a100user wrote:
What I want to know is where are the decent BASS amp sims?

I have GR3 and how many bass amps? One and not a great one at that.

Bloody guitars get all the nice toys very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating

i just got my yammy bass going again and had the same experience with GR3, so what i'm using is an older Korg Ampworks bass sim box...i got it (along with the guitar version) when they were on closeout from Musician's Friend a few years ago...i messed with it awhile and came up with one serviceable sound, which is all i really need for bass...
I have one of those little Bass Ampworks things and it's ok for quick practice but not great IMHO.

My bass amp is a Line6 LD150 combo with the full foot pedal board.

Again OK for practice but lacking the balls to gig with but it is a capable unit and does what it does quite well. Real plus is it's XLR out for recording.

Space doesn't permit me to own a full bass rig and I've been looking at the Markbass range as they are compact and coupled with a 4X10 cab might just be enough for small venues.

But my original point of having the flexibility that guitarists have in a home recording environment would be nice.
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