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MOTM-730 - Metal Bugs In Plastic Cups
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Author MOTM-730 - Metal Bugs In Plastic Cups
Unlike Robert Rich's very nice video mentioned in another thread, my video below offers no useful information or pleasant music. seriously, i just don't get it

It's just some initial messing around I did with my new Synth Tech MOTM-730 pulse divider. I keep thinking it sounds a little Buchla/Serge like to me but I have no experience with those so . . . let me know that you think:

Suburban Bather
Church of bugs! Skate or die!
FYI: I just replaced the video with a higher quality version.
I get the impression that you were spanking the Peter Grenader when filming this. I was beginning to get seasick and had to scroll down and get that shit off the page & just listen to it 'sans video'.

I understand new module excitement, but invest in a steady-cam or perhaps I'm missing the Ron Jeremy aspect of every MOTM hole filed excitement!

P.S. totally goofin' on ya. Not being an Adam Henry.
nice stuff John but please don't post any more videos of the 730 - i don't have a spare $400 at the moment! smile
Love this.

Damn there's so much good shit on this forum. What we really need is a podcast feed of all the noodles, doodles, and songs that people post here. I've gotten really slow with updating my own podcast (sorry Zerosum and others who've been waiting), but I'm thinking a user uploaded thing, so you finish a track, upload it somewhere specific, and we all get it in our podcast following software of choice.

Sorry I'm babbling in your thread, John - but I know to click on your audio threads and worry that some people are missing all this cool stuff. razz
Way tooooooooo coooooooool.

I almost pulled the trigger on buying one after watching this, but had to remember that the play money in paypal is reserved for something else at the moment. Rats....
w00t w00t w00t

reminds me a little of Sun Ra in places
i really like when it takes a slightly sinister turn in the second half
Thanks for watching and commenting everyone! I'll post some more demos of this soon . . .and I'll put up a wanring for sandyb! . . . and Kent . . . thanks for making me realize and admit to my 'problem' . . I've since joined a CHA group . . (Camera Humpers Annonymous) . . .it's just as well, Victoria's Secret was charging me way too much for the tiny custom made camera lingere! oops
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