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PB will also sing softly
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Author PB will also sing softly
Bit of a naughty cross-post here but I'm doing it cos its relevant to lots of earlier discussion about the PB and its range of colours.

Basically, I was doing a bunch of self-feedback experiments with the PB the other day and found a way into some sweet spots where it suddenly when from full on tazmanian devil mode to something very soft and almost vocal (if you happen to be a blue whale).

So I patched up something complementary around it and grabbed a video before I lost it all.

I posted that video here

What was interesting is, after trying all kinds of complex feedback systems using a matrix mixer, this all happened after I gave that up and just did the most basic of feedback loops - out 1 to in 1, out 2 multied to in 2 and tapped off as the final output.

The problem with the matrix mixer thing was it was actually too complex for its own good. There were too many ways of mixing the feedback to keep on top of the sound and very small changes in one area would usually end up with squared off noise with not much character or interest.

In the video, the input level and gain on the PB are unchanged throughout - its changes to the high and low levels that make the pitch and timbre changes. Nudging either the input or gain levels up from where they were tended to tip the PB back to tasmania so I left well alone for this take.

So there it is. PB does quiet ambient. Who knew Om
Wow, this I want to try, sounds wonderful.
grape tony
great! applause
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