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Oldest and Newest Electro-busking stuff
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Author Oldest and Newest Electro-busking stuff
My friend Delaney found this footage taken in 2008 I used way more pedals back then.

this other one is the latest footage I have man it's been a while since I've posted new electro-busking stuff it was great to be out on the street again

a good day for commercial drive!
I'm surprsed as to how small the LBB/JealousHeart are... they totally look way bigger on the website
yes the drive was rocked!

I love the way they compliment each other and the build quality is superb it's almost like they were designed for street use

hey Chris.

keep on keepin' on!!

thanks man I plan on it!
i'd give you all my money.
brilliant! how much did you make?
I made two fifty over an hour. But that's Vancouver for you maybe I'd make more in another city?
I have been seriously thinking of a Tenori-on busking setup. I have a batman utility belt-looking lead battery belt that is designed to run video lights and it has enough lasting power to run the Tenori-on and a set of 12V computer speakers. Has a nice cigarette-lighter style connector so is even easy to connect to. I would love to throw in a laptop to use for better voices and a few pedals but right now it does a whole lot and is very small. I have a old tripod that holds the speakers. There is something alluring about playing to random people in a un-controlled environment - playing the location too - that appeals to me.

DO IT James that setup sounds amazing I'd love to see something like that on the street you might be surprised how many other people would as well if I had a dime for every smile or person who tells me I've made their day I'd have more money than I make busking.
great videos dude! I've really enjoyed them all and it's awesome to hear the LBB and Jealous Heart together. You're a much braver person than I to be out there making these kinds of sounds. If I tried to do that where I live I don't think I would last a minute before I got jacked/my ass kicked.
I can second the build quality, built like a freakin tank. I would try to track down a LBB but the fundz are running low these days unfortunately. sounds like it would be worth it though.

I would've LOVED to see the expression on the old man w/ cane's face as he walked by at 1:00 minute in. You can tell just by his feet that he' confused haha
What's the box in the top right..looks diy?
Thanks Shred,

I actually have to commute to do this because if I did it in my neighbourhood skinheads would fuck me up and steal my shit.

I wish I could tell you what that man's expression was I kind of go into a bit of a trance when I do this and focus on making the sounds.

the pedal next to the space echo is a design by Tim Escobedo called the TMK or Too Many Knobs a friend of mine built it for me a little while ago it's great I've tried using a lot of different distortions with this setup and this one is by far my favourite
Yea going somewhere else makes sense, nobody knows you, more receptive crowd (somewhat lol) Skinheads in your case, ghetto wannabe thugs in mine- I guess there will always be somebody around to screw with good intentions.
Ah ok, that makes sense. Space echo, distortion, modulars from Flower - its a pretty awesome and compact system, keep up the good work SlayerBadger!
thanks! I plan on it smile \m/
that's supposed to be a smiley face throwing the horns in case you were wondering...
hahaha right on nanners
what you need in the streets is GOOD SOUND. get this amp:

this is a battery powered audiophile amp see review:

they use very little power and can run off a set of batteries for almost 8 hours FULL BLAST. i build a mobile soundsystem with 4 of these things that runs off solar panels.

with that and a decent speaker you should be making around 25$ per hour. seriously, i sold these little sound wonders to lots of street artist in berlin. besides this is also an amazing monitor amp in the studio.
I'm loving these street sessions.

Imagine if ex dead discovers the "brown sound" mid-performance;)
Demi Jon
I busked with my pedals-as-synth twice, about thirteen years ago -- once on a beach in Takapuna (Auckland North Shore), where the only response was an old man who leaned his head out of his caravan to ask me, 'excuse me, are you talking to whales?' and once in the pedestrian mall in Christchurch, where a couple of curious kids asked if they could play with my stuff, and someone else asked if I was doing scientific experiments.

Total coin gained? !!

Um, actually? Zilch.
Anyone has experience with the Alesis Transactive Live amp?
awesome SlayerBadger!

I'd love to do some noise busking, but unfortunately here in Melbourne we have really draconian regulation of busking.

Auditions. I shit you not. The Lord Mayor was actually suggesting recently that he should be on the auditions board d'oh!
yah there's "auditions" and "licencing" and all sorts of red tape to do it in Vancouver so I do it illegally everything I have can fit in a haversack and I never stay longer than an hour in one spot. though I do have regular places I like to go I'll move on if asked.

maybe you should try something similar?
I plan on trying it out sometime.
Here in the city the cops are likely to pick you up within 30 mins, not to mention the other Buskers (it can be serious business 'round here) zombie

Anyways, thumbs up for your efforts (and that's a sincere thumbs up, btw)
stk wrote:
I plan on trying it out sometime.
Here in the city the cops are likely to pick you up within 30 mins, not to mention the other Buskers (it can be serious business 'round here) zombie

Anyways, thumbs up for your efforts (and that's a sincere thumbs up, btw)


thanks though it means a lot, the support I get from this forum and on the street keeps me going at it
CJ Miller
I suggested busking to my friends in Queens when I lived there... same deal. They said the city had it locked down and only licensed the kind of music they liked, which did not include tekno, noise, etc. Govs always insist that money is God and the market decides - but then they step in when the masses want stuff that the pompous few don't approve of. Let them eat cruise missiles, I say.
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