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Modified EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai
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Author Modified EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai
About a year ago Navs pointed me at a post on his site about a mod by Rechner7 wherein trigger inputs are added to the already-brilliant EXH SMMH delay pedal. I needed exactly that, so I found a SMMH and got a soldering iron. It was my first attempt at DIY or mods or anything and I recall a sweaty-palm moment when I drilled a big hole into a perfectly good guitar pedal.

Anyways, after months of, ahem, delays, I finally got around to recording a demonstration of this pedal's mods. I realize now that some of the labels come and go rather quickly, and I never use the new loop switch. But I hope it works for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, Navs.
Great link - thanks! Just picked up one of these pedals recently and had wondered if anyone had modded it yet. Looks like there's work to be done.
The terrific pedal-blog Effects Bay picked it up today. I feel all warm inside. mory-man-w-hazarai/
rico loverde
I saw this yesterday, great job. I really want to do mine but I cant seem to find any clear instructions of what to do. I followed the links from the video and found a few pics and a whole lotta German. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
It took a little email guidance by Andreas (Rechner7) and some very serious staring at the photographs.

You're basically attaching 3.5mm jacks to the point where the tap switch is already wired. A voltage to those two solder points (seen here: triggers the delay. So the most basic form of this would be to have one jack with one wire at one point and another at the second point. However, as I realized, this makes for some boring delaying since the delays will only tap on the clock. If you use a flip flop or logic or clock divider you can get some synched play-time, but the better solution is to add another (or two) jacks.

So you have one jack (A) more or less directly connected (I'll explain the less in a moment) to the solder points, and then two jacks connected via an On/Off/On switch to the same solder points. You can see in that photo that there are several of each red and blue wire soldered to the points. The switch is so that you can go between B and C, so you can have like a random trigger at one and a fast LFO pulse at the other, and get different results.
What I meant by "less" above is that there is a simple transistor between the jacks and the solder points. If you have jacks plugged in to those ABC inputs and you use the main tap switch on the pedal, you could send voltage back to your trigger sources' inputs. You don't want that. So the transistor blocks that. I made two of these transistor switches, one for A and one for B/C.
(This transistor switch is described on Doepfer's site here:

Now where the stuff gets complicated is adding a small high-pass filter to the A/B/C trigger circuit. It's a one-pole, also found on Doepfer's site, and there is one in front of each transistor. This keeps the loop function from engaging when slow gates are sent. It's always on trigger A, and it's connected via a switch on the B/C trigger circuit so that you can have it on if you want. It took a bit of work to get the cap value right. I tried to get the cutoff as close to .5hz as possible, as the trigger engages after a half second. I forget the values but it's not hard to figure out.

And then there's that big switch that merely connects to those same solder points. All it does it connect the two points which engages the loop. It's the easiest part of the whole mod.

The most important part of the process for me was visualizing the physical wiring of the switches. I had to draw it out, and then built it all before it went into the case.

I have a 3mb folder of emails from Rechner7 and high-res photos that I just posted as a ZIP archive. It might help to read through.

Again, this was the first time I'd picked up a soldering iron, so it's not too difficult.
rico loverde
thank you mrbiggs!!!
Great stuff thanks for sharing.....thanks to Rechner7 too
I finally modded mine too!

My hazarai dances in sync!
Thanks to mr.biggs, who helped me via mail.

I reduced the mod to one trigger input, without the filter.
Works perfect for my needs.

I am very interested in the mod because I want to add a synced delay to my modular. But coudn't it be easier done by replacing the tapp tempo button by a plug for a Trigger to S-trigger cable (made by Doepfer) and an Or combiner (aslo Doepfer) to combine different clocks and triggers from clockdividers from the modular?
Well that's basically all it is. From the main input is a S-trigger circuit to the tap connection.
The problem with that is that it's boring. The delays are only one delay per trigger from the modular, so you have to have a clock modifier of some kind like a RCD, SCM, Pamela's Workout, whatever, to get x2 and x3, etc, delay taps.
The extra inputs were added to have a little more switchable chaos and variety, and the filter is so that it doesn't jump into loop-mode when the gates are too long. Before I finished the mod I took the pedal apart and just taped a cable to the tap-switch connection to test it -- I threw it into loop mode too often. So I was happy when I saw how rechner7 had got around that.

It's up to you though -- you can definitely just run a single input and sync the thing.
Ker-bump! zombie

Clock and reset outputs extracted for in-sync loop recording.

Navs wrote:
Ker-bump! zombie

Clock and reset outputs extracted for in-sync loop recording.


Great work!
Guinness ftw!

nicely done.
It's very impressive as a mod but wouldn't it be easier to convert the gate pulses to a MIDI clock and use any old delay that syncs to MIDI clock?
Thanks, guys.

Yes, GilgaFrank, that would be another approach. It would require a converter for the gates and a MIDI delay, tho. I don't use MIDI live and the SMMH is part of my set-up, so it made more sense for me to tap an analogue clock.
I should probably stop thinking MIDI and get used to thinking control voltage. Old habits die hard.
Neal Beard
just seen this- I love this pedal it's been with me for years– a keeper!

-and these mods will ensure it stays with me- thanks for posting!
Neal Beard
Just curious– anyone know why Navs has a diode on his HP perfboard diagram?

Most simple HP schmatics only use 2 resistors and a capacitor...

Thanks (in advance)

I think he got that diode from Ken Stone's Gate to Trigger, whereas Doepfer's doesn't use it.

I don't know what purpose it serves. Try PM'ing Navs. Or maybe he'll see it here on the thread. He's taken the SMMH further than I have. Rockin' Banana!
Neal Beard
Thanks for the reply–

If you didn't use one then I won't bother– I might pm him to ask it's purpose though... hmmm.....

Enjoyed your blog post +vimeo on the mod BTW– nice one - thanks for posting.

Cannot wait to mod this!

thumbs up
Neal Beard
Aces– finally got mine modded– thanks guys!

Sound demo HERE

...and Blogpost HERE

Gonna have so much fun with this... smile
I already think that's a long shot but.. is there any feasible mod to add CV inputs to tweak the SMMH parameters?
I can't say for sure, since I don't know squat. But since the controls are digital, I doubt it.
It's possible that the pots are voltage dividers - no idea, you'd have to check - if they are, you could use a vactrol or some other scheme to control the SMMH.

That said, which parameters do you want to control? On all but the mod delay, the echoes jump to the new time values rather than change smoothly, so using tap tempo/ the clock input mod is enough hmmm.....
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