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Modification to my Daion
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Author Modification to my Daion
relax MW, nothing was done to the guitar itself...I just added a new pre-amp to still looks the same...but now it sounds...well read on, I'm going to just quote my post I made on KvR...the preamp is the Artec Quaddra Distortion Driver...if others use these I'd like to hear their thoughts.

Hink wrote:
In another thread Greg (Lunch Money) linked to a place called guitarheads for inexpensive pickups...the site itself is kinda lame, but they sold this little beauty. The QDD2, an onboard guitar pre-amp with a twist, instead of a toggle switch it uses a 5 position rotary switch.

In two other guitars I have the EMG PA2

as I love pre-amps the QDD2 really peaked my interest, I chose to install it in the Daion I bought from Muff Wiggler (one more chance to show it off hihi). It replaced the lower left tone control with no modifications needed.

right away you can see how more there is to the QDD2 than the PA2...both have trim tabs and on both I keep them low...also there is not a PA2 on the Daion, I'm just using it for comparison.

Installation was a snap and I was playing in minutes, I wont be posting soundclips, sorry that's just too time consuming. I tried it with several models in my POD xt I'm using on some songs now. The by-pass is true with no difference detected and the clean boost is very good. Back in the stone ages I had a toggle switch type pre that was made by a company called audiocraft, it was a three position with a similar boost to the clean boost here and a boost adjustable to 18db. I loved that pre as it gave me two vastly different drives as well as a bypass, sadly I had to give up the small boost with the PA2.

The Blues overdrive position on the DD2 is about perfect for me to use after the clean boost, it's a great warm tone with power. Both it and the clean boost really improved the "singing" on bends, something my warmoth does well.

The rock distortion is pretty much like a Rat, kinda fuzzy but not to fuzzy. The metal is scooped and pretty good if I need to cut up some firewood while playing.

The unit itself is about as noisy as the PA2, not bad but the expected noise is there. Of course it's easy to deal with that these days.

The Daion has coil taps for both pick-ups so I can split either one to single coils. Obviously with 4 choices of drive plus no drive at all, the splits and the typical three way pick-up switch the amount of possible combinations is awesome. Naturally I found that the pick-ups wont wimp out now when played low and with pre-amp choices combined with the splits I could go from a strat sound to a paul sound with emgs (think zakke) to a paul with soapbars. I was able to get some of those bright tones you might expect from a jaguar as well which was cool.

I'm gonna spend weeks exploring the myriad of tones this beast creates, it certainly is worth the price tag of 27.99usd. I wonder how many more I might own before the end of the year. If you're looking for something useful, inexpensive and fun to add to your guitar this might be worth a look. Also I ordered it Friday and it arrived today...:
Muff Wiggler
now that is damn cool, thanks for posting this Hink!!! Looks like it sounds like a lot of fun 8)

hey quick question -

a while ago I came across a link who was selling 'custom made' audio taper pots for guitar, where the audio taper was 'specially' contoured for maximum response out of the volume control

sounds like something that's probably voodoo, but I need to get a few good audio taper pots and figured for the dollar or so extra I would try these....but sadly I lost the link. any chance this sounds familiar to you?

Muff Wiggler
hey, what's the brown fender amp under the amp cover, under your desk?
that's my fender blues jr...15 watts, all tube 12" speaker

a very loud little's usually hooked up to a semi-dead box I built with a 10" Fender speaker and an sm 57...

I never heard of those pots, sorry smile
Muff Wiggler
very sweet! love the maple cab 8)
if others use these I'd like to hear their thoughts.

So would I.
Very cool stuff.
Hello :goo:
Interesting choice of (extremely dead) threads to make one's introduction with. Do you have anything to say about this?
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