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faceplate etching thread
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Author faceplate etching thread
K so.... I realized after a failed attempt at etching my verry first panel that I did it inverted. lol. Kinda looks cool but it's kind of hard to read in a dark spot. It ate away around the letters and graphics not inside them, lol.

Hard to read? yes. Looks cool anyway? hell yes!

You gotta invert that mask, man!
that is mega cool!
Looks awesome! SlayerBadger!

Don't forget the jumpers on the board though! lol
Well crud, where do the jumpers go? lol.

you guys actually dig the panel? I'm thinking about going and getting some laztertran today and doing the baked method.

Or... u guys think I should invert the image and try to etch it right? Either way.. I wish I could of gotten black anodized panels since this is going in frac. However... if I can get it with black letters I think it'll look better. I dunno.... either way, finishing it tonight. smile

give it a go the other way before you ditch the method
good work, which acid did you use?
well I used ratshacks etching solution. BITCH IS.... I used it at regular strength and this shit was a ball of boiling chemicals in like 2 mins. This panel was etched in like 2 and a half mins if that. It started eating the fuck out of it and I was scared it was going to eat ALLL the metal. That's why i'm kinda scared to try it again! lol. Lazertran seems alot safer and no fumes!!! THIS FUCKING SHIT STINKS AND IT'S LIKE 15 DEGREES HERE! So, hard to do it outside u know?
tragedybysyntax wrote:
Well crud, where do the jumpers go? lol.

See all the white lines on the board?
That's were they all go! So get all your old cut off resistor legs and let's party! w00t
Thanks man! smile

Now to decide on etching or lazertran! HMMMMMMM

Bob Ross would have called this a happy accident
did you submerse the whole thing?

I think some people will spray a mask onto the backside if they fully submerse.

you can always dab the etchant on using cotton balls (should have gloves, eyewear, old clothes, and ventilation for all this of course)

also, I think it looks awesome.

you could easily spraypaint the whole thing some color (maybe a darker grey, or anything really) and then use a light sand on the raised letters.
Hmmm, well I thought about that. Like.. spraying it with black and then using the soft felt bit on the dremel and lightly removing the black paint on the top surface. Fuck it... cant hurt right? I'm going to try that first! smile
Muff Wiggler
happy accident indeed! Luigi, I think that looks pretty damn cool, really oldschool industrial

nice 8)
Aluminium + ferric chloride = very violent reaction once the oxide layer is penetrated, and I suspect chlorine gas. Best not to be anywhere near it when it is happening! Of course by the time you step away and back, the whole panel is gone.
i think it looks great the way it is. and besides, it's 6 lfos with LEDs, plus a glide and level - i don't think it'll be hard to operate in the dark, especially since the glide and level are smaller than the lfo pots.
very nice job! SlayerBadger!
I think we're skipping the obvious here:

A bit of a wash of black colour over and around the text, then sand off the top (the letters) and you'll have the sickest looking text with black wash around it!
K so... my plan didnt work. I didnt like it in the end how it turned out. The letters werent raised up enough and the black paint just kinda rubbed off since i was lazy and didnt prime it! lol.

SO!!! I made a new design with thicker stroke on the letters and such, inverted it so now it should be right.... letters will be recessed when I etch. I also designed my dc mixer panel so.. I"m going to make them both at the same time.

QUESTION! How do i dilute the ferric chloride so it don't make my panel dissapear in 10 seconds? How long SHOULD it take? thanks! (should I put anything on the back? should I submerge the panel or just try to lay it flat so that the solution is only covering the front?)

Thanks so much guys! Hopefully with your help I'll have this and the mixer panel done and re-populated tomorrow! smile
generally i find that the correded metal build up in fe2 (copper in particular) dilutes the strength and increases etch time.
did you throw out the ferric chloride that you used last time?

since the chemical is so noxious i tend to use it as much as possible before disposing of it
yeah man, i pitched it! I'm going to do a fresh batch today when i get home OUTSIDE! Just... trieng to figure out a way for it not to eat too much, which I know is a matter of timing it. Again.. TRIAL AND ERROR BABY! smile
You could just dilute the hell out of it.
OKay.... After hours of painstaking work..... SHE BE DONE! And let me tell you.. the time was worth it. These pics don't do the panel a justice. These would look sick for euro panels eh?

I'm dunking the 2nd panel (dc mixer) in about 2 minutes and I"ll post pics of the status of that tonight before I leave work. enjoy ! smile

K, this is before spray painting it black and then wetsanding it to make the letters pop more. This one turned out a lil more pitted than the super psycho lfo for some reason. I think because I used a different painters tape... somehow the solution got underneath I suppose. Next time I etch... going with spraypainting the parts that didnt transfer fromt he pnp blue vs the tape fo sho'. I"ll post pics of it complete tomorrow if I get around to it.

twisted twisted twisted
Very cool man! The pitting gives it character.
Looks great. I think the pitting gives it a sort of rustic charm that fits with the general aesthetic of the etched look. An entire row of modules with similar character would look wonderful.
wow thanks guys! My frac case is now full except for 1 space (foh delay?) So I was actually thinking about putting a few of the modules i already have behind this style for an entire row. Maybe my fuzz factory, vcs and something else. Almost thinking about being insane and making these panels for every frac I have. wink

I"ll letya guys know when I post the how to thread at
and the dc mixer should be done tomorrow with pics. smile
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