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Choices joystick screws
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Author Choices joystick screws
So I got my Choices barebones built up and working today. This has been a year coming so I'm sort of beside myself.

I have the one with the older joystick that has the three mounting screws. I am running into a problem in that these screws are too short to mount the joystick onto the panel. I doubt my local Radio Shack or Home Depot have them, and even if they do I have no idea what kind of screws are they?

Any ideas? Was the barebones kit supposed to have longer versions? Maybe I should go check my screw collection and see if three came with the kit?
Flight tells me they're M2.5. So for future reference purposes, there you go. M2.5.

As far as length, I'm guessing 8 or 10mm, but I need to measure.
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