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Getting Drum Sounds from a Blacet VCO w/ OSC Retrig
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Author Getting Drum Sounds from a Blacet VCO w/ OSC Retrig
So I've been using my Blacet VCO 2100 as a base sound for some synthesized drums. I'm really liking the results, but I wanted to see if anyone has been able to retrigger the phase of the oscillator so that attack of the drum sound will always be consistent. When the osc is free running, the click in the attack of the sound depends on the phase of the osc when the VCA is triggered. Sometimes I'll get a loud click, and other times none at all. This also causes problems when I'm layering sounds, since the phase is constantly changing.

I tried to "reset" the phase of the VCO by sending the gate signal to the "sync in" but that didn't seem to work. Would a trigger work better than a gate?
The sync in on the Blacet VCO is a bit picky about getting really square squares.
If you have a Window Comparator try conditioning your sync source with that.
Thanks for the insight Cat.

I have noticed that the Blacet VCO syncs differently depending on the shape of the waves you feed it. A saw wave sync will sound different than a square wave. But I think that the gate signal coming out of my Kenton Pro Solo should be sharp/square enough to sync the Blacet. May be the gate is not strong enough of a signal for the VCO? I'll have to mess around with some more.
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