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FRIED SUNN Concert lead solid state.
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Author FRIED SUNN Concert lead solid state.
I have a solid state Sunn Concert Lead amp head that started smoking and fried out. It doesnt work at all and smells of burnt plastic. Is this an easy fix? Worth having repaired?
It's quite likely a blown power capacitor, although it could be lots of other things - no way to know for sure without looking at it. Old amps like these are usually due for new capacitors all around, and possibly new transformers depending on their condition.

Whether it's worth repairing depends on lots of factors. Sentimental value, the items value in the marketplace in relation to it's condition otherwise, etc. Take it to an amp tech and get an estimate.

In one of the bands I played in back in the early 80's I used some kind of Sunn amp that was similar to yours. Bought it at a pawn shop because it was cheap. I don't remember particularly liking the sound, and when it bit the dust (stopped working) I just ditched it. Replaced it with a Fender Twin blackface - worlds apart in sound.
It would be worth getting an estimate. They are sometimes up in value (still not much) but are loud and say "sunn" so people tend to want them. I had one and I didn't think it was too special, but I wouldn't dump it in the trash.
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