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Welcome to the RackPlanner forum!
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Author Welcome to the RackPlanner forum!
Muff Wiggler
Wow, I was super stoked when dougcl asked me if I would consider hosting a RackPlanner forum!

This is the sort of thing I like doing the most, I think it's a huge benefit to our community.

Thanks doug for all the hard work on this awesome tool, and also to everyone who has or is working on creating files and module packs for it. I think it's a fantastic tool!

Anyway, just a quick welcome to this new forum - hope it gets more people excited about using or contributing to this exciting project.
Muff Wiggler
ps. along with hosting the discussion forum, I encourage you to use the uploading/filehosting features here as a place to upload, store and distrubute updates and other related files for the RackPlanner software. Having it all in one place is great, and I'm happy to take the hosting burden away from doug and let him focus on more productive things.
sweet w00t
great site
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