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Envelope Follower?
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Author Envelope Follower?
I am interested in something (module, pedal, etc.) that will allow me to create a gate signal to trigger the envelopes on my synth with my bass guitar or other instrument. I dont know whether an Envelope Follower is what I want or if I want something entirely different.
Soy Sos
I'm using the Doepfer A-119 external input on a patch right now. It's got line and mic in with adjustable gain, line out, envelope out and gate out with adjustable threshold. A nice versatile and inexpensive module if you use the euro format. Hope that helps.
On the flip side a Blacet I/O will also give gate/trigger and envelope outs. I think you are a MOTM user though? I'm sure there's something in that format that does this, but I don't know what it is!
In MOTM land you want the Oakley Env Follower and Gate, krisp1 sells a very nice looking one.
What you're looking for is a gate extractor/comparator, which is usually bundled with most envelope followers.

Any of the above suggestions will work for your needs. In Euro, the A-119 will do the job (note that the Cwejman AP-1 does not have a gate extractor). In Frac, the Blacet I/O. In larger formats there are a number of options - ModCan,, Oakley, and a handful of DIY routes. A gate extractor is a fairly straight forward circuit so I wouldn't concern yourself with getting the highest quality possible unless you're hoping for a solid external input gain stage built in as well.
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